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    Posted 7 hours ago by iwanttodie

    i just want to die.

  • The Job (Ghost)

    Posted February 25 by icybones

      I knew who was calling me before I even looked at my vibrating phone as I pulled it out of my back pocket. I was standing in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It had been the home of one of Bostons most influential & wealthiest women Isabella. She was a patron of the arts & collected rare...

  • messi tröja barn förnyas fem år upp Mike

    Posted February 24 by billigt

    Manchester United kommer att messi tröja barn förnyas fem år upp Mike Mussina lön + budgetöverföring av £ 1 miljard Manchester United vill Mourinho tecknat ett nytt femårigt avtal. Förra sommaren, Mourinho officiellt in i Manchester United, som underte...

  • Ghost

    Posted February 24 by icybones

    One of my favorite fictional charcters I ever wrote was about a female named Ghost & her best friend Denny. Denny is awesome to write, everyone needs a best friend like Denny.      I always liked sharp things, pretty little things. I always liked smoking, the feeling of a cancero...

  • Living With Severe Depression

    Posted February 24 by icybones

      You don't really talk about it. It's not like you come out about it at a family BBQ or a house party. You don't blurt it out at a wedding or a baby shower. You don't go on a date with someone & use it as an ice breaker. It's just not socially acceptable to say "I have severe depression, ther...

  • Get the Prettiest Smile with all the help of a hoboken dentist

    Posted February 24 by dentalartsofhoboken

    Who doesn’t desire the prettiest smile? Everyone wants so that they're able to be assured when they have been experiencing their wedding photo-shoot or while they may be posing for the best team photograph with their friends, the brighter smile. And when you're on your day, it is really uncomf...

  • Story time!

    Posted February 23 by LmaoEmo

    I had 3 siblings, they were proud warriors. In my eyes it seemed like they could not be stopped by any force on this earth!     Nesqorel: She was an Amethyst colored Draconian (Wer Sililos Ux Bahamuti - The Purple Dragonborn), none could match her in ways of magic. Her control of the Ar...

  • You Aren't One of The Good Guys Dad

    Posted February 23 by icybones

      When I met my biological father, two things happened: I lost faith that my biological mother could have ever slept with a man who could be decent & I learned that love does not erase the sins of your past. You cannot hide forever because the past eventually comes back to haunt you.   ...

  • Online Misadventures

    Posted February 22 by icybones

    This is at least two people I encountered in my various online life.  I put them in the area called The Golden Cast of Fucked Up Online Assholes or GCFUOA. I can'tmake this shit up, I wish I could..but these are true stories.   But if you are ready & are enjoying yourself so far--get co...

  • The Iceman (True Crime)

    Posted February 22 by icybones

      This entry is going to be about Richard Kuklinski (pronounced Coo-clink-ski) aka the Iceman.   Please be forewarned: If you're not interested about serial killers & the like, fucking skip this entry in its entirety. Do us all a favor & don't fucking read it. If you're interested in le...