• Floating

    Posted 7 hours ago by Zoki


    My cosmic nihilism makes me feel sometimes like a ghost, but not one that wanders the Earth. I am a ghost floating through the vast expanse of space. I have had dreams of floating in a dark abyss with countless stars in Read More...

  • My life pg. 1

    Posted 9 hours ago by Bloodmoon

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    I have no friend's in person. My bullies make sure to scare in person girl's away from me. My little brother hates me, anything, and anyone because of his anger problem's. My Mom hates me half the year because she has me Read More...

  • My Light

    Posted 10 hours ago by YunaTheStarGazer

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    We all have our dark moments, whether we choose to acknowledge them or not is our choice. And whether we get past them or dig a hole for ourselves is our choice as well. I have seen many a foe in my past and despite my y Read More...

  • FML

    Posted 10 hours ago by LillyTheNeko

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    Rn my life has so many fucking issues that I can't even take it anymore. I'll have mental break downs where I'm pissed wanting to kill someone or I'll cry hating my life wishing I was with my boo while he comforts me. I Read More...

  • Lock-Up: Survivor

    Posted Tue at 2:29 AM by icybones


    This entry has been asked for by a few people. I have spoken of being locked up but I haven't written much about it. What it was like. How it's affected me. Part of that is because it's still a healing wound & part of it Read More...

  • Runners

    Posted Mon at 4:22 PM by icybones


          You know I dated someone that did what you do. Made it an art form, zig-zagging, dodging, ducking. All that fucking running. It was really good, being with him & everything...until it wasn't. It f Read More...

  • Lost Control

    Posted Sep 16 by killthesin

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    As I was with my boyfriend I became very vulnerable earlier today... I, He.... well it's hard to explain what happened but umm I said some things that I've never said like.... Please take care of me and own me. I shouldn Read More...

  • Just... issues

    Posted Sep 15 by perfectlydysfunctional

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    My mom has an ex-boyfriend, who's over here right now, said he was gonna get the bed she's been sleeping on- which is his- but he said he'd let her have it. He also thinks he should be able to take the recliner she Read More...

  • This site is a thirst trap

    Posted Sep 15 by TrumpsTrunkV2

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    It's funny when a pretty girl signs up and everyone starts kissing her ass hoping to get a message back from her lmaoo. I get that some of you are "antisocial" and all that but jeez a half decent looking girl signs up an Read More...

  • My favorite animal is dolphins

    Posted Sep 15 by TrumpsTrunkV2

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    That's all