• What's New With Me

    Posted Wed at 8:00 AM by Gerawwwrd

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    Classy Times New Roman. Oh Boi.   As the title reads, I will now elaborate on my new expression, interests, and what not.    1. I no longer go by Gerard on a day-to-day basis. As soon I will be old eno Read More...

  • First impression so far.....

    Posted Tue at 10:43 AM by DollParts

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    My first conversation yesterday was about relationships... I didn't really care for that theme. Like maybe over time as i get to know someone i'll be fine with talking about the relationship aspect but when they just spr Read More...

  • A list of every gender (and a small description on each one)

    Posted Jun 16 by emilyyy

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    Hello there ladies and gentlemen! I've noticed that as of lately there's people who don't understand simple biology. It's okay, I won't judge you. In fact, I'm here to help you! Here is an easy to understand list of all Read More...

  • Most radical day in history (not meaning to brag)

    Posted Jun 15 by Xxxemogirlxxx

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    So my mom just bought me a black veil bride shirt and i loved it xand i just heard ronnie radkes new song ft andy biersack called asshole u should listen to it .

  • Confidence

    Posted Jun 14 by icybones


          I figure it's time to make some of you on here dislike me--or dislike me more. Why? How? I guess by just being myself & putting my thoughts & opinions out there about something & apparently that m Read More...

  • Scared Of My Mirror Image

    Posted Jun 10 by MonaDiabolicalSoul

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    I am scared

  • Life Is Like Running Towards A Cliff

    Posted Jun 10 by ElloThere

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    You're running And running You can't stop running You have to keep running knowing one day  You're gonna fall Fall for so long you'll forget what it's like to run Then you'll crash Hard So hard you'll wish y Read More...

  • Controlling Doesn't Look Good

    Posted Jun 7 by icybones

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        Wow so it's been awhile! Some of you may have been happy for that, others not so much but regardless here I am! I've been incredibly busy the past two or so weeks, I celebrated my birthday, I geared up fo Read More...

  • This is kinda shit

    Posted Jun 7 by ElloThere


    Sometimes if I try real real hard I don't hear the screaming I don't hear the taunts Or the snide remarks As I wake up As I get ready for another mundane day As I go to class As I smile As I laugh As I speak As Read More...

  • How

    Posted Jun 5 by DiamondsArntForever

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    { " How can you say "goodbye" when you've hardly said "Hello" is Bmth some credit to them}   How can you say "goodbye" when you've hardly said "hello"  How can you say "I love you" when you reall Read More...