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  • Just created an account on here err last night.....Does anyone happen to listen to bands such as Knapsack, Texas Is The Reason, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Movielife, Alesana, Design The Skyline, Cannibal Corpse, Death? Would like to meet new friends. 


  • freeforinfinity
    freeforinfinity Oh Apology's a good song! Frail Wings is by far my Favorite Alesana album. Favorite song...hmmm tough one...i'd have to say some of my favorite Alesana songs are: Necro's Decay, Tilting The Hourglass, Pathetic Ordinary. Favorite Cannibal Corpse album is: ...  more
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  • xxMomoMassacrexx
    xxMomoMassacrexx Necros decay is really good too.
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  • EarthAngel753
    EarthAngel753 Hey sure I'll be your friend just add me if you want to and no I haven't listened to those bands yet I'll have to look them up sometime! I do listen to allot of Evanescence and Avenged Sevenfold!
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  • freeforinfinity
    freeforinfinity Nice I listen to old school avenged a good bit :D
    Tue at 10:17 AM