Boston Serial Killer? pt2

  • I want answers. These men deserve a hard look at what happened to them & why it happened. 




    Man, I am so god damn angry about this situation with Michael Kelleher. If you don't know what I am talking about, please read my blog "Serial Killer in Boston?" because that will catch you right up. 


    I am angry because I don't feel the police are doing their job. There I said it. How many fucking men need to end up dead & pulled from a body of water in Boston before someone pursues the idea that it isn't just accidents or suicides??? I had been following the disappearance of Michael Kelleher since I saw his missing flyer posted around Boston. I was deeply disturbed by it & knew it wasn't a missing person case after I did preliminary searches online & discovered he eerily fit the pattern of other young men who had gone missing. Including my older cousin's friend Eugene Losik. I had even theorized as I stated in my entry about this, that he would be found in the Charles River. This wasn't a missing persons case, this was a body recovery one. Sunday, April 16th 2017 I plugged his name into a search engine & to my dismay..discovered my assumption to have been correct, including the location of where his body was pulled from.  


    Here's where I get angry. Initially in the news reports yesterday, articles were claiming that neither Michael's family nor the police believed what happened to him to be foul play. That this was a tragic accident, he had been intoxicated & you know, probably slipped & fell into the river. Reading that got my blood boiling, because did his family really think that or was that what Boston PD had spoon-fed them? Was it easier to believe it was a tragic accident? Personally, I don't have & probably will never have an answer to whether the family truly believed that or not. What I do think is very, very now, if you search the articles are now saying the "investigation is ongoing" So which is it? He was drunk & accidentally fell into the Charles & drowned he got there, why he was there not ruled yet? If that's the case, BPD better be damn careful what they're initially telling reporters aka the public--in fact, when they recovered his body BPD refused to even tell anyone who it was--his parents had to make that known Sunday! I am dismayed & I am angry because there's something going on here...the more I look into it, the more I can't help but feel at least some of these missing men who wound up dead like this..are homicides. 


    I want answers. I want to know how a 23 year old man goes to a basketball game, has some beer, gets intoxicated (but is still with it enough to walk & talk) tells his friend he will meet her by her car, can't find the car? (I assume that's what happened as he was reportedly intoxicated & may not have been super familiar with the area) then tries to call an Uber (I assume to go home or meet someone else, this would indicate to me that he wasn't suicidal..he had plans to get somewhere) fails to be where the Uber driver thought he was or was suppose to be & then fucking vanishes into the night only to wind up dead in the Charles River. Something is missing here. I want to know why he wasn't where he should have been for the Uber. Some of these missing young men that Boston PD has passed off as suicide...even their friends & family don't believe it. In fact I discovered the list of missing men, most found dead in or around the water of Boston is larger than what I had initially posted in my other entry. They range from young adult to older adult men, (there's been one or two, most of them have been college age) most of them white but a few minorities & they may or may not be linked, but it is astronomical the amount that have gone missing & end up dead since the 2000s in Boston.  Other writers have way more detail about these men than I do & have drawn quite a few parallels between a lot of the victims. 


    What is happening in my city? Why are so many young men disappearing? Are they committing suicide or accidentally falling in water? Or is something much, much more sinister happening? 


    Someone explain to me how a young man could just go out for a fun night & end up fucking dead in the river. How a majority of these young men could? How my older cousin's friend who was afraid of the water ends up drowned in it, body undiscovered for nine fucking months. How can the police continually chalk up all these deaths as accidents or suicides while skirting around questions & not properly explaining to people how or why they ended up where they did? Why certain potential witnesses haven't been looked at? That's the thing too, continually I have hit roadblocks with wondering why police can't or won't explain basic shit; like how did Michael Kelleher get down to an area of the river & fall in? Why are so many young men meeting a similar fate? How was victim A's car found here but his body all the way over there? Just basic things the cops won't say or keep saying "accident" "suicide" & I, for one, am done with the bullshit. The investigation is "ongoing" but if they come back & say "accident" or suicide I will screech internally. Not because one or two deaths could be one or both but because there's TOO MANY. 


    Maybe I am all wrong, maybe every single case has a plausible, tragic non-homicide reason. But at the end of the day, a healthy 23 year old from a loving family who just went out should not end up floating in the Charles River. End of story. 



    I hope these entries get you all reading it, looking into it, thinking about it. a wonderful job researching, blogging & getting it out there. In fact my list on the previous entry about this is from that blog. It's superbly detailed & has a hell of a lot more info etc. than I do in most all the cases. Read it. Think about it.