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    I think it's kind of sad that I have to write this particular entry, because I did have another one in mind but due to the fact there's always going to be a select few people who don't understand how I work with my blogs or don't want to..I am putting this up. I hope it saves people like the individual who commented on my last blog (DDLG & The Bitch) some trouble. :)  "You" is used as a blanket statement to encompass everyone who feels the way the person who commented on my other blog does & at the end for those who have never approached me this way. This is not a "roast blog" but rather a FYI blog so that I & others can hopefully avoid future issues like the one I just dealt with. Thanks for understanding. 



    My entries are long. They aren't designed for people who hate to read etc. If you're the type of person who rather watch the movie than read the book, don't bother clicking on any of my entries. In fact, you better exit this one right now!!! The chances it will be "too long" & you end up getting your panties in a twist is great. Furthermore, there's a few reason my blogs are long: It's either a story or it's a situation that I was in where I feel detail is imperative, so that someone not involved understands exactly what is going on. If that bothers anyone..I strongly advise them to pick up a children's book of pictures or read one of those creepy stories that are a sentence long..or you know, just don't click on any entries I write & save yourself & me the annoyance of you getting pissy over the length. 



    I write for fun mainly. These blogs that I have...I am not paid for them, it isn't a fucking job. Emowire also isn't school or college (obviously) & I am not writing a term paper where I can break down a paragraph into a sentence so I have room for the remaining eight pages. Basically, I am under no obligation to make my blogs any shorter or longer than I feel is needed for me to say what I wish. I am not forced to take out certain things or "clean it up" in a way where a reader feels I look "more intelligent" in their eyes. If the only thing a person finds issue with, is the length or the fact I could have said two sentences in one, then I think I am doing pretty good overall. (more on that in the second part) I don't find that it takes away from my normal intelligence. I am not writing blogs to appear to be smarter than anyone reading them either, I don't believe that the length of what I say or what I write about puts me above anyone else. I have never said that in any blog & therefore, if you're an individual who thinks I do find myself to be better than others because you read a few paragraphs or a blog..don't bother reading anymore. Making erroneous conclusions that I think this or that by "reading between the lines" just does a disservice to myself & to you, the reader. 



    I do welcome constructive criticism. A lot of you reading this understand the difference between constructive criticism & insulting someone on their work or simply being rude about it because they didn't like it. However, for those of you who read my entries & don't understand..constructive criticism is when you read my blog & think it's decent, great or even terrible & you comment or message me politely about it with tips or ideas on how I could fix the blog to make it better. Example: "I noticed you kind of repeated yourself in a paragraph, if you took the second part out, it reads easier." or "Hey, nice blog but it's a tad long at the end, if you wanted you could take that out." Constructive criticism when it's not a job (i.e. you have to add more or take a part out, otherwise you won't get paid) should be worded in a way where the author or artist doesn't feel forced to make the change & doesn't feel that you're insulting them or their work; but rather are genuinely interested in reading more & would like to offer help/support to make their work better. Everyone can improve on things, certainly I can. Often times I write a blog & throw it up on here, there could be a spelling error, I could have left shit out, I might have repeated myself etc. I am not a fucking god in writing & never have I professed to be such. In the past I have had constructive criticism on a blog I wrote here, they felt my use of a word wasn't needed, they then went on to let me know that the blog itself was good overall, their own opinions on it etc. I thanked them for taking the time to read it & explained why I had used the word. Nowhere did I feel forced to change it or that the person was insulting me. I also haven't used that word to explain something in another entry because I listened to their critique & decided to not use it because they had approached me in the correct way about it. 



    I do not welcome insulting or demeaning remarks that masquerade as CC.   I truly believe a vast majority of you who read or skim my blogs know that when the first thing you comment on a blog is choosing a sentence or area of it, quote it & then say something insulting about it like "you're narcissistic" or a "cunt" or whatever is NOT constructive. It's insulting & it has nothing to do with the blog itself  or how its structured, but rather how you personally see me in a negative light. When you open up like that it automatically puts me on the defensive a bit because you're attacking my personality & you know that. You're not fucking stupid. If that's all a person left on a blog, well, it's rude & I'd question why they bothered to read it (especially when it was such a small part of it) but at the end of the day that's their personal opinion of me & guess what? They don't have to like me or what I write. It does get to me when or if that individual comes back & points out that not only did they say the opening insult but that they did squeeze in some "CC" usually noting the length of the blog. Acting like what they did was really constructive criticism. It's not. You don't open up CC by insulting someone's personality because of how they choose to highlight their flaws or why people might not like them as being a negative trait simply because they pointed it out. Again, it has nothing to do with the blog as a whole or how it's structured. Also, at least I am aware of those parts of my personality & have the guts to put it there & also to note that it does take a special breed of person to like it because not everyone does. To twist that into a negative outlook is not constructive & even if that's how someone feels & wishes to voice it, fine, but don't try to hide CC within it. Like, you know what you're doing.  



    I don't write blogs here for popularity, likes or comments. If any of you reading my blogs think that's why I take the time out of my day or night to do this, please don't read any more of my blogs. That's also rather insulting to me personally, for anyone to assume that the sole reason I do this is for some form of fame or popularity. This is Emowire. It's not BloggersRUs or any other site where I would be actively trying to get followers or readers for points etc. If you choose to like or comment or friend me because you read a blog or two of mine & enjoyed all means. I absolutely welcome any & all of those but it is NOT why I write on here. Same with the CC. I write for fun as I stated before, I write because it's a hobby, it's a great way for me to vent or share a story I enjoyed writing. I would share it because I liked writing it, not because I think it'll gain instant likes etc.  If I didn't love to write or it was for popularity only..don't you think at this point I'd change my methods? Or tone it down or not write anymore because "I don't have a lot of likes or comments" on my blogs? I could honestly give no fucks about whether people read my blogs in their entirety, skim them, ignore them, like/comment on all of them or none at all. They're here because I love to write, they're here in case someone wants to read them, they're here in case a situation I wrote about pertains to an area of their life too. Also...FYI, just because people don't comment or like what I write doesn't mean they aren't reading them or don't like them. I welcome likes of course, I am not saying for anyone to not click like if that's how they wish to communicate their feelings regarding a blog, but I am saying it's not required & it's not something I put my self-worth into. I don't feel less because no one liked or commented on a blog I wrote. 



    I don't assume or think that just because I write a blog that I am "right" or the entire world will agree with me on my opinions regarding it. Regardless of length, everyone is entitled to their own opinion(s) when they read what I write. If they wish to be snarky or rude about it in a comment, that's their choice. I personally think that's a waste of time for someone to do, because it doesn't affect me in the long term. If it did, I wouldn't be writing blogs. But hey! Each to their own in how they form their own opinions. I happen to be very outspoken, brash, blunt etc when I voice my own, but that doesn't mean I am "right." It's a fucking opinion. There's really no right or wrong in the entirety of an opinion. However, if I am talking about what that adult was doing in regards to isn't  just an opinion in certain areas but a fact that it damages children & minors who are exposed to it whether short or long term. I actually backed that up with research regarding it & the cyber laws we have now pertaining to it in a blog that no one here has read. Some of that entry was opinion, some of it was not. If someone wishes to disagree with that...I cannot stop them. "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink" as they say. 



    Overall, I think it's pathetic that people would read parts of my blogs or the entire thing & actually think "I think I am better than others" because..why exactly?  "I am narcissistic" Because...I mentioned why people don't like me? Was I suppose to be contrite? Was I suppose to bow my fucking head like little girl lost "oh em gee! idk why no1 likes me??" I have a pretty healthy outlook on myself, which I worked very hard to get to. Recognizing my flaws or perceived ones (depends on who you are whether you like my personality or not) is not bad. Not wishing to change that because it comes from being outspoken etc. is not bad. Not caring what people think of me negatively in the long term is not bad. What is bad, is the fact I felt I had to write this rather obvious blog on how a reader should come to me about my writings & the fact that I am just a person on the web writing what I write for the hell of it. I hope that if you do read this in its entirety & have an issue with a blog I write or want to offer real CC about it, that you can in a way that doesn't insult me & where you aren't putting 'words" in my mouth or assuming things about me. You do not have to like me or my blogs, you do not have to friend me, like or comment on them. If my writings put you off from getting to know me outside of my writings, that's on you. I will continue to write the way I do (unless given CC from someone with good intent who points areas out) & I will continue to share them because I fucking can. 


    For everyone else who has read or skimmed a blog here, liked it or offered me genuine CC--Thank you. I absolutely mean that & you are under no obligation to like or comment anything regardless if you liked or hated what I wrote. Those things are utterly up to you as the reader & obviously this blog was not intended for individuals like yourselves.


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    NekoCurryXS go here to finish your fucking arguement would be helpful
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