• Dear Brother

    Posted 5 hours ago by icybones

    This is a letter I wrote to the brother who struggles with herion, there's a lot of anger here. I hadn't seen him for awhile & was going to see him at a wedding for our older cousin. This details all the rage, pain & what it's like to have a family member who struggles with addiction. I am constantl...

  • A Sons Love For His Asshole Father

    Posted 5 hours ago by icybones

      I came across a poem my half brother wrote. This is very hard because it does detail suicidal thoughts in it, how he feels about losing his father. It upsets me because of the eluding parts to suicide & also because his father meant so much to him but I think he meant so very little to his f...

  • Hello!

    Posted Thu at 5:15 PM by notsopinkunicorn

    Hello! I'm Nadira and I'm new here. I'm quite bored at the moment and feel like talking so if you want, here's my kik: NotSoPinkUnicorn. I'm from Holland and since all my friends are leaving me, I could use some new ones. If you feel like becoming my friend or smthng, please go ahead and give it a s...

  • This is my story!

    Posted Wed at 2:54 PM by LmaoEmo

    Mattias Ho­lm swedish­ guy Who h­as 99 prob­lems and d­ont want a­nother one­!!!No just ki­dding!I live alo­ne, work p­retty much­ all the t­ime if not­. Im playi­ng games a­nd trying ­to talk to­ People. A life wit­ho...

  • I Am A Walking Contradiction

    Posted Tue at 9:56 PM by ElloThere

    I have realized today that I'm a bit too self-aware. I spend most of my time psychoanalysing myself. To a point this is good. It's good to be aware and understand why you feel something or why you do something. It's not so good to discredit or disprove what you feel. I spend hours a day disproving w...

  • Need friends..Any takers?

    Posted Tue at 12:15 AM by NikkiaxLostx

    Hey, things for been going downhill. I I just need actual friends all my friends at home, they left me. So if you want to be friends add me on here or my kik is hatelove177 and snapchat is nikkiadeath.

  • Holocaust

    Posted Mon at 3:46 PM by Renny

       Huddled in a cabin train our hearts began to raceno food or water, but we had to keep the pace we've ridden for three daysthe doors open as we look around with dismay A solider yells out "MARCH, LEFT RIGHT WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY" We thought we were heading to a paradiseThat did not happ...


    Posted Mon at 10:27 AM by FragileCore

    a Very happy Valentine to everyEmo On here :^) fuck Yes fuck nice spreadLove to everyone,  progress and Determination stay lovely Beautiful people <3

  • Happy valentines day for my GF

    Posted February 12 by Kaylie

    Happy valentines day Phantom. Im so glad i have you as my girlfriend. Im so so lucky to have a girlfriend that i can talk to about all my weird youtubers. You have helped me alot. Thank you for being MINE. you are fucking perfect to me. you make me laugh when all i want do is cry. you get all of my ...

  • Perfection

    Posted February 9 by Emoashell

    Perfection is a word so commonly used, most people use it as a comparison to themselves. I did so, and now, I'm anorexic. Perfection is a word, not a person, so why must we look at it, as if it's God? Why do we idolize this word? Perfection is only a perception, an illusion, a dream, an idea, that ...