• abuse.

    Posted Aug 17 by zodiac

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    he's a snake that slither's himself around your waist you want to tell him that you can't breathe that you're on the edge of being erased but you're caught in the rush of something exciting   he pushes and Read More...

  • Final Achievement

    Posted Aug 10 by PierceTheSilence

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    Contemplation.   As I write this, I am contemplating. Contemplating my sewing needle.   That’s how it started.   A needle.   A minuscule object, often lost and forgotten, with little pow Read More...

  • In The Beginning...

    Posted Aug 10 by Zoki

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    13.7 billion years ago, our universe was born. Nobody knows for certain how, but we know that we are here. We are alive, floating in the empty, dark void on our Spaceship Earth. From far above, the planet appears pristin Read More...

  • Digatel friends

    Posted Aug 9 by aaronsmith

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    I love how my friends like across the US. I need friends outside social media, I feel my brain slowly becoming disappointed in me ^.^

  • Idk

    Posted Aug 6 by Pastelbab3

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    I sleepy ☠

  • Kill me somebody

    Posted Aug 5 by Zerodegreecampscopemissshot

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    If you gonna read this, imma warn you in advance, yes, this is me drowning in self pity... but i don't even give a shit. Tbh im not that kind of guy but whatever. Imma need to let this out now I thought about death an Read More...

  • what happened to gaz37?

    Posted Aug 5 by Evangelion

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    does anyone know what happened to our beloved nazi thor? i miss the old fella quite allot. techno viking was the best man i have yet laid my eyes on, i hope he's doing fine because he is an angel sent by the lord himself Read More...

  • @ legendaryflame

    Posted Aug 5 by Evangelion

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    you a bitch ass nigga. your threats are empty as shit, fucking lil bitch come fite me, i'll push your shit in

  • THE BEST QUIZ ON THIS WEBSITE (not clickbait)

    Posted Aug 5 by Evangelion

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  • is something wrong with me?

    Posted Aug 3 by emogirlallison

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    well i lay in the darkness everyone is feeding evil thoughts in to my head. am i the only one who wants to feel ok? to feel safe? to feel loved? maybe some people can hide it and i wish i could but no one knows what goes Read More...