• Confessions

    Posted Wed at 9:02 PM by thePhantomKat

    For every like or for every confession you give me, I'll write a confession of my own about my weird life.

  • Disappointment.

    Posted Wed at 3:52 AM by killthesin

    Me and the new boyfriend are going strong and its feeling pretty good some times i miss him but we get toghether every weekend or so. I asked him If he wanted to go to the opera with me and so hes taking me and thats exciting. I wish that I had life figured out but I just seem to live everyday one d...

  • Do I have Emo Hair?

    Posted Tue at 4:20 PM by thePhantomKat

    I know my hair isn't completely emo, but I feel its so close to it that a few tweaks should get it right. What should I do to my hair. I love my short hair and the fact that one side is longer than the other. But how should I get that fringe for the bangs? I do have some sort of fringe, but because ...

  • Earth Angel Really?

    Posted Mon at 10:40 PM by EarthAngel753

    Hi my name is Kimberly I'm new here and would like to send out this message to anyone here that would like to know if you are truly an Earth Angel yourself! Me well yes I can say I am truly an Earth Angel myself because I love, share, care about others, want to change humanity for the better so on.....

  • Sort of rant thingy

    Posted Mon at 4:42 PM by EmmaEsseker

    Basically, this is more of a rant to myself rather than wanting people to read it, however feel free to read and comment or whatever. Maybe I'll even help someone have an epiphany, who knows? Ever since I was 11 years old I had been turning to self harm as a means of not just hurting myself, but to...

  • Vampire Instincts

    Posted January 15 by freeforinfinity

    Vampire Instincts are within me the craving of blood I cannot deny Not to kill but rather for the thrill of beauty in blood within my veins With winters eternal grace by my side I sit with you tonight I bite your neck lightly in stride The blood driven moon is within me You crave my affection&...

  • I'm fine

    Posted January 15 by xXSpikeBiersackXx

    I just want everyone to know I'm okay. I'm just taking sometime off to breathe. It doesn't matter what happened. I'm always gonna be okay. For anyone who doesn't know what's going on.....there's just way too much going on. It's my brain that's going on bulling at school life just sucks for me that'...

  • The Darkness is back

    Posted January 14 by fallenangel27

    Its BACK! I could'nt hold it back anymore I could'nt handle all the emotional pain anymore, so I turned it into physical pain as I did before. I missed the darkness and the scars. I lossed controll. For 2 months I delt with the emotional pain, I kept it back. I j...

  • A Blog.

    Posted January 11 by freeforinfinity

    Just created an account on here err last night.....Does anyone happen to listen to bands such as Knapsack, Texas Is The Reason, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Movielife, Alesana, Design The Skyline, Cannibal Corpse, Death? Would like to meet new friends. 

  • Anyone down to play on PS3?

    Posted January 10 by CCM77

    My PSN name thing is CupCakeMayhem77. Feel free to friend me :D I have Minecraft, Battlefield 3 and all 3 of The Borderlands games