• The Girl In The Tub

    Posted March 6 by icybones

    "A long time ago, we use to be friends, but I haven't thought of you lately at all." -The Dandy Warhols   Chapter one: Helping is Never Easy  My phone went off in a loud chattering sound as it buzzed wildly on my coffee table. I slapped a hand out to grab it, sleep still thick & cloudy....

  • How Does Your Garden Grow?

    Posted March 6 by icybones

    ...Sometimes you don't know who the victim is & who the prey is.    "What are you doing? Give me the fucking shovel!" Riley growled & loomed over me, snatching the shovel from my hand with such force, the rough wood of the handle left several splinters in the palm of my hand as a remembr...

  • Coffee & Blood

    Posted March 6 by icybones

    This is about heartbreak, this is about that moment that you don't see coming, even if you've seen the signs because we are so good at excuses. This is about betrayal, about losing yourself in a way that you didn't think was possible & how the end can be both beautiful & tragic depending on how you ...

  • Patrick (coping with loss)

    Posted March 6 by icybones

    This was a fictional story I wrote on how to cope with the loss of a loved or friend. Patrick is very dear to me, as are all the characters both minor & major. It shows how the death of someone doesn't just affect the people super close to them & how long it can take to heal wounds that just won't s...

  • Why Should You buy kratom?

    Posted March 6 by mitrascience

    The kratom is native south East Asia. Among the early crops which continues to be used up several other tribes and by locals about. The levees of the place was used up because of it's several health advantages. In civilizations that were aged this place was utilized as medicinal function. In today, ...

  • Before you buy wholesale kratom Learn the Difference Between it

    Posted March 6 by mitrascience

    You should know the distinction between the kinds it's accessible in before Kratom is bought by you. Kratom leaves can be got by you, powder and extract. Nevertheless, all of them are are different and before you get any of it you need to be conscious of it. Kratom leaves happen to be serving as an ...

  • Why Should You Buy kratom wholesale?

    Posted March 6 by mitrascience

    The kratom is native to the south East Asia. One of these ancient crops which has been used up by residents and several other tribes near. The levees of the place was used up because of it has many health benefits. As medicinal function this plant was used in old cultures. In now, kratom can be boug...

  • Deals With The Devil (Ghost)

    Posted March 3 by icybones

    This was the story that started it all. I decided to write about a fictional character mixed wih real character attributes or people I know, because every good story has some truth to it. It was only for fun, to make a friend of mine smile after a hard day. Now..I have different short stories, all p...

  • 2017.

    Posted March 3 by Castiel

    Hello! It's been awhile since i've been on here but a lot has happened so i had a break. Me and my boyfriend broke up. I may need a second back surgery. i got a new therapist. i got the contact back with two old friends. i may gonna get my own apartment after summer. I'm gonna see so many ban...

  • Death

    Posted March 2 by Brokenwings

    Death. Such a sad thing. But a sweet reminder for the living. A grim day for a family, a day of hope for tomorrow. But for the depressed, suicidal, and lonely, it's a dream. A wish. A need. It's something I crave but can never quite reach. A sweet, venomous bite.