• Power

    Posted Apr 11 by SarahVisariNafage


    Once there was a man. A man who carved power over everything else. This man went to ecross roads, and struck a bargain with the Devil. He could have all the power he ever wanted, in excchange for his SOUL. "I will give Read More...

  • Crushed

    Posted Apr 6 by icybones

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          He looked at her as he said:   "God I would have broken my bones for you, you know? I guess in a way I did do that, I cracked open my rib cage again & again, so you could get at my heart, l Read More...

  • The White Dahlia

    Posted Apr 6 by icybones

    8 Comments 104 Views

      I decided to take a fresh spin on recounting a true crime story. I wrote this through the eyes of the victim instead. How she felt, what she saw, what she smelled. This is a true crime, it is factual, this did ha Read More...

  • The Hidden Girl

    Posted Apr 5 by dangerousblue


    Would you like to know my secret? Something deep, dark and foreboding? Would you like to see the scars which dance upon my bone, the pain which swims through my veins and sits heavily upon my heart, the sadnes Read More...

  • emptiness

    Posted Apr 5 by Emogirl18

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    I am a empty shell of my former self,all the feelings I once felt as a normal person have dispelled,My eyes no longer shine the light that they used to. My heart is broken and lifeless on the floor like pieces of glass,Y Read More...

  • My Broken Mind

    Posted Apr 2 by KleboldKlan

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    Bullying won't get you very farEvery name you call me leaves a scarCalling me a psychopath online Making me reach for my carbineI may be psychopath, but it will be your bloodbathYou avoid me just like the flu You make me Read More...

  • I'll Make You Pay

    Posted Apr 2 by icybones


    AHAHAHA, I wrote this for a friend of mine, most my writings are for people I know.    Prelude: 2am North Ridgewood  Forest     The rain fell down that night. So heavy it was like trying to Read More...

  • The Artist pt 3

    Posted Mar 31 by icybones


    Th third installment of The Artist.     The next day at nine am I was sitting at the desk in the motel room on a very rickety chair, varnish peeling off in stripes down one leg. I was on the laptop clicking Read More...

  • The Artist pt 2

    Posted Mar 31 by icybones


    Second installment of The Artist.   I sat down at the kitchen table, still ignoring the mess of coffee on the floor as I opened my Macbook Pro. Within seconds I had opened up my Skype & was relieved to see the ico Read More...

  • The Artist (serial killer)

    Posted Mar 31 by icybones


    A work in progress, not very good but enjoy it anyways.     I was never afraid. Not of dying or being alone for the rest of my life. It's important to know this about me, that I am not afraid to come up clos Read More...