• Holocaust

    Posted February 13 by Renny

       Huddled in a cabin train our hearts began to raceno food or water, but we had to keep the pace we've ridden for three daysthe doors open as we look around with dismay A solider yells out "MARCH, LEFT RIGHT WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY" We thought we were heading to a paradiseThat did not happ...

  • Happy valentines day for my GF

    Posted February 12 by Kaylie

    Happy valentines day Phantom. Im so glad i have you as my girlfriend. Im so so lucky to have a girlfriend that i can talk to about all my weird youtubers. You have helped me alot. Thank you for being MINE. you are fucking perfect to me. you make me laugh when all i want do is cry. you get all of my ...

  • Perfection

    Posted February 9 by Emoashell

    Perfection is a word so commonly used, most people use it as a comparison to themselves. I did so, and now, I'm anorexic. Perfection is a word, not a person, so why must we look at it, as if it's God? Why do we idolize this word? Perfection is only a perception, an illusion, a dream, an idea, that ...

  • last thing abut swastika

    Posted February 9 by zolotoiTiago

    My fiancé, she is part Polish, her grandfather were prisoner of war during WWII. he was fighting and get taken, he get taken to the camp, the big one I forget the name and escape. Tiago - Baby, I am so sorry. I misunderstand the swastika symbol thinking it is a sign of peace and feel I ...

  • My first day as an emo

    Posted February 7 by Soap4Lyfe

    So or the past week I have debating to myself wether I should embrace my "inner emo". And now I am proud to classify myself as emo. So today was my first full day of being emo. It was great but also quite annoying. The first thing I thought was great was that I could sing My Chemical Romance in my h...

  • what should i do

    Posted February 7 by brokenangel23

    i found out i have cancer a   week ago and every one said its good cus then ill die and the world will be better off with out me....iv tryed to kill my self 3 time in the past week thinking it better that yall have wny thing to help me?

  • empta dolore experientia docet

    Posted February 7 by zolotoiTiago

    In Greek mythology when Zeus create human being he first made them whit 4 arms and 4 legs, which he then split into two halves, thus creating men and women  so we go thru our lifes looking for the missing half.  You ever been in love, horrible is it? It open your chest and it open your he...

  • help

    Posted February 5 by Kaylie

    i want to cut again ive tried to make the urge go away but is getting stronger. i dont know what to do i just hate life right now. i feel like nobody cares anymore. like my life has no meaning. Ive tried to watch mark  and jack but they cant even make me feel better. i think that if im gone the...

  • addiction

    Posted February 5 by Kaylie

    I am addicted to markiplier and jacksepticeye they control my life no joke

  • Is anyone from Australia

    Posted February 5 by AshleysDeviant03

    is anyone from australia im sooo bored and i need friends anyway imma sleep now ^-^ if u are plz comment so we can be friends PS im new here!