• Catastrophes

    Posted Oct 6 by swisslips

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    We find it incredible, how a simple word can change someone's whole life, but deeply inside our problem is that we don't realize that sometimes it's not exclusively about the language. We never think about the importance Read More...

  • new YouTube channel

    Posted Oct 4 by itzsavannahbruh

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    hey guys can you checkout my YouTube new channel i need to get my subscribers back. also i need ideas for videos cause i cant think of any.... also i have no friends to help me. so please subscribe it would mean a lot to Read More...

  • Favourite Quotes II

    Posted Oct 2 by swisslips


    -We are all dreamers, wanting to be completely out of touch with reality. -Popularity is for mediocre people. -I need you and I fucking hate it. -She never looked nice, she looked like art; and Art isn't supposed to l Read More...

  • Favourite Quotes

    Posted Oct 1 by swisslips

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    -First you dream, then you die. -You live your worst nightmares with your eyes opened. -Rules are for people who don't know what to do. -I don't do drugs, I am drugs. -Accept your loneliness, you are your only friend Read More...

  • Untitled Rap

    Posted Sep 29 by Nightlife9

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    'Aight Listen, just look, because it's when you get far, Like how a man just writes his feelings and plays the guitar, Some people have a talent, a poignant skill or ability, Athletics, sports, playing and Agility, - Read More...

  • My Garbage Poems

    Posted Sep 29 by frakenfurter819

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    Hey so i wrote some poems a while back, and they're garbage, but I'm going to share them.  My Feelings are at War There's a part of me that wants to be happyAnd another part that wants to sit in my room and cry al Read More...

  • Fuck You Man; Thanks For The Growth

    Posted Sep 28 by icybones

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      It's been awhile since I've written a 'rant' style blog here. I've written about emotional shit but it wasn't exactly anger, confusion, disbelief etc. I think it's high time I got around to spilling some feelings Read More...

  • More Will Die

    Posted Sep 27 by icybones


       I stared at her through the thick Plexiglas window that was oh-so-cleverly disguised as a one-way mirror. I could see her, she couldn't see me. She was thin, head bowed towards the table, her wris Read More...

  • Stay Lit

    Posted Sep 27 by Mujihina

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    I been on gabapentin, ja  i ain’t sick Say he gay, still consenting, ja loving lick  You need some drugs, you venting, ja take your pick.    I got DXM in my vodka now tripping off my ass Read More...

  • What should we be taught in sex ed?

    Posted Sep 25 by alyxzender

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    Something I have a strong stance on is what should people be teaching in sexual education from 8-12th grade?   In my opinion I believe they should teach more than just AIDS and abstinence, they should be required Read More...