• THE BEST QUIZ ON THIS WEBSITE (not clickbait)

    Posted Aug 5 by Evangelion

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  • is something wrong with me?

    Posted Aug 3 by emogirlallison

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    well i lay in the darkness everyone is feeding evil thoughts in to my head. am i the only one who wants to feel ok? to feel safe? to feel loved? maybe some people can hide it and i wish i could but no one knows what goes Read More...

  • what is the perpuse/part 1

    Posted Aug 3 by emogirlallison

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    why do we care about what people think? why do people care about looks? why is it when i walk into a coffee shop everyone looks at me couse of my hair? why do people juge others by there pasted? the simple answer is beca Read More...


    Posted Aug 3 by Wolfrik

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    i know you want your old user back, child fucker

  • sorry for posting guys, already explained on the home page

    Posted Aug 3 by kitten231505

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    1)                                                              


    Posted Aug 3 by Evangelion

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    you a pussy ass nigga for blocking me. how about you stop being a little pussy ass bitch that you are and fucking do something.  bet you won't do shit because as i said before you're a lil fucking pussy ass bitch

  • Dude XD lol ill poop on your face

    Posted Aug 1 by Pornhub

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    git fuckin rekt m8 ill shank u 11/3 ign would fuck agian


    Posted Aug 1 by Evangelion

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    wolfrik you are fucking retarded for thinking that you concealed your identity. it's like an ostrich shoving it's head in sand you know? like how desperate do you have to be to go for young emo bitch pussy and make it se Read More...

  • my beef with the tranban

    Posted Aug 1 by Evangelion

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    trump's current most controversial action has been unveiled and let me tell you it's fucking beautiful. the tranban is only going to help us to kill the enemy more efficiently and not promote diversity into the combat zo Read More...

  • Bitchin about art n stuff

    Posted Aug 1 by Ralola


    So I'm a artist :P But recently I've been so busy that I can't keep up with my work. They bumpd me up to full-time so sadly I haven't made much progress on anything. It really gets at me cause I have like this deep inte Read More...