• I Love

    Posted May 14 by MorbidDoll

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    I love my girlfriend Mag, she is the light of my life and the one precious thing that keeps me going I love my best friend Marian, who made me smile, laugh, and feel happy; I miss her dearly I love animals, adorable fl Read More...

  • my love for the wind

    Posted May 14 by Darkness904


    I here symphony when the wind comes and when you come I dance to the flow of your rhythm and well I smile because your here .... at times I wonder if I'm crazy for falling in love with the wind but this isn't crazy I fee Read More...

  • the flow of love

    Posted May 14 by Darkness904

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    Everyday I wonder .... I wonder if love ever existed an why is it so powerful .... to me love is nothing but a dream that I wish to come true and experience but in a world like this .... to me if love ever existed in thi Read More...

  • natures beauty

    Posted May 14 by Darkness904


    Everyday I wake an look outside to see the beauty in nature but then I look in the mirror at myself and wonder .... can I be that beautiful .... I constantly tell myself I can be more than nature but in reality I cant .. Read More...

  • "Love"

    Posted May 13 by BVBGeneral

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    Is there really something called "love"? Does it exist, or is it just something we have decided to make up? These days love and compassion does not mean anything. I see other teens my age have a partner they say they lov Read More...

  • My thoughts on my life

    Posted May 13 by BVBGeneral

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    My life is dark, and empty. It all started very young, when I slowly crept to the darkness. At a young age, I was back and forth from my mothers to my grandparents because of abusive boyfriends. I tried to take my life a Read More...

  • Love Is In Mars

    Posted May 9 by XxxHispanicEmoxxX


    "There is no way to see her, there is no way you can. No matter how hard you try." I hear depression shouting at me.. "THIS ISN'T GOING TO WORK, YOU THAT!" It shouts. I try not to listen. Normally that's impossible. But Read More...

  • My black heart

    Posted May 9 by Lillytheneko

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    it started as a friendship. the friendship grew more and more each day. The girl fell in love with her friend and asked him out. they ended up having an amazing relationship, that she hoped would never end. T Read More...

  • Love Is Beautiful

    Posted May 9 by gayandemo

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    I am not sure what this is but it's a chance for me to write. Love, when I scroll through these blogs I see hatred for love. I could not comprehend why you guys hate love and than I realized it. You always associate love Read More...

  • Crashing Down into Confusion

    Posted May 8 by YunaTheStarGazer

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    I feel like everything has changed in a matter of seconds. Who knew such little things could mean so much to me? Today was a terrible day aside from the news I got. I felt like everyone was annoyed by me. It was almost l Read More...