• New friends?

    Posted February 3 by judas666

    Hello, I am Judas Alyxzender. I am totally straight if my GF is reading this, I am FTM transgender and 13. Just call me for friends.

  • Song for my cheating Ex

    Posted February 3 by NavyReject

    Late night I stay sitting in bedWondering where the good times wentI used to dream of youYou claimed that you did tooI guess in the end I was wrongBut I hope dear that you hear this songAnd maybe you will seeYou'll just be a faded memoryThe Lies, What did they meandarling did you see anything?A futu...

  • Old Scars

    Posted February 1 by SunRae20

    my ex left me back in 2012 2013 i just found him on fb he didnt give me no good bye no closure he just up and left i seen him on fb and i have mixed emtions...i fucked up our relationship because i lied thats it but other then that we where strong he was amazing but now im stuck and lost fo...

  • What anime should I watch?

    Posted February 1 by thePhantomKat

    So I'm a huge anime fan. I have been watching so many at once though. So I had a waiting list. But being the obsessed anime fan I am I finished all of them. For someone who LOVED death note, liked Yona of the Dawn, liked code geass, and liked fairy tail, what should I watch? I'm in the middle of blu...

  • chat

    Posted January 30 by SunRae20

    Hello, im new here i like making new friend.... i just wanted to know if you would join me in chat, are message me i like meeting new people....i like  chating.... message me...


    Posted January 28 by FragileCore

    hi I am A man I usEd to be A Member on EmoWire some years ago but I Lost my Account possibly because I didn't Log on for Over 2 years. I was in the Textron RHODE ISLAND and fell from the Top and broke my Spine and both my Femurs. I've been in a Coma for 2 and half years, I don't remember my old Ac...

  • Final Goodbye

    Posted January 28 by XxShelbzyxX

    I am full of sadness and tears. I can no longer stand on my own. The words you said, broke my heart. Tears in my eyes, a knife in my hand. This pain is causing me to break. Cutting my wrists and starting to bleed. I feel all alone with a broken heart. No one understanding what I'm going throu...

  • Me or Him?

    Posted January 25 by TheStranger

    I am “a guy” not between “teenager” nor “a man” The solitude and solidifying, the isolated and the isolating My heart can only become the vessel and manifestation that creates the “Me” What I can give is not money, not sex and not perfection. But in...

  • Making My Life

    Posted January 22 by bear

    We grew apart, we never felt like a happy family You left us and you never said goodbye I screamed and I cried but she never left my side So we can make a good thing from this but we cannot make a great big family Now it's my time to make my life

  • Bed Head

    Posted January 22 by thePhantomKat

    Ok, so I know I'm not the only one with terrible bed head. Before you style your hair or even comb/brush it out, or before applying hair gel or hair spray to your fringe, your hair can just go flying into oblivion sometimes. Post your bedhead here. Who has the worst?