• Crushed

    Posted April 6 by icybones

          He looked at her as he said:   "God I would have broken my bones for you, you know? I guess in a way I did do that, I cracked open my rib cage again & again, so you could get at my heart, let you get inside me & fuck me all up. I split open my skull so that you could g...

  • The White Dahlia

    Posted April 6 by icybones

      I decided to take a fresh spin on recounting a true crime story. I wrote this through the eyes of the victim instead. How she felt, what she saw, what she smelled. This is a true crime, it is factual, this did happen, but it is told through the eyes of the victim. You are probably aware that...

  • On Sexual Assault/Nudes

    Posted April 5 by icybones

    Occasionally I write non-fictional entries that aren't about true crime but more emotional or hard hitting shit that I've personally gone through. I do this for two reason. One is to vent or getting it off my chest & the second is because maybe, just maybe the shit I went through & how I coped with ...

  • The Hidden Girl

    Posted April 5 by dangerousblue

    Would you like to know my secret? Something deep, dark and foreboding? Would you like to see the scars which dance upon my bone, the pain which swims through my veins and sits heavily upon my heart, the sadness which bathes in every inch of my skin? Do you see that which I hide?

  • emptiness

    Posted April 5 by Emogirl18

    I am a empty shell of my former self,all the feelings I once felt as a normal person have dispelled,My eyes no longer shine the light that they used to. My heart is broken and lifeless on the floor like pieces of glass,You held the key to my heart and gave to someone else as I watched you,i fought b...

  • Missing

    Posted April 4 by icybones

    This another fictional story I wrote. About how every missing person leaves behind someone.   Chapter One   Around two thousand & three hundred people are reported missing every day in the United States alone. Most are found, tracked down by dogged investigators intent on getting to th...

  • My Broken Mind

    Posted April 2 by KleboldKlan

    Bullying won't get you very farEvery name you call me leaves a scarCalling me a psychopath online Making me reach for my carbineI may be psychopath, but it will be your bloodbathYou avoid me just like the flu You make me want to kill youWhen my life starts to declineThere's no wonder I am obsessed w...

  • I'll Make You Pay pt 2

    Posted April 2 by icybones

    Serial killers are always fun to write about, enjoy chapter two.     Chapter Two: What Lies Beneath     "Still posting those flyers?" Kyra startled, dropping a sheaf of them. She was standing outside the post office. She set her jaw rigidly, Jack. She bent down, scrambling ...

  • I'll Make You Pay

    Posted April 2 by icybones

    AHAHAHA, I wrote this for a friend of mine, most my writings are for people I know.    Prelude: 2am North Ridgewood  Forest     The rain fell down that night. So heavy it was like trying to peer through an almost opaque waterfall. Lights blurred & any noise was muffled ...

  • maillot de juventus foyer de la guerre, il est clair que

    Posted March 31 by chelseamaglia

    78% des fans de canon tourné contre lui mais a été ignoré Wenger: Je n'ai rien à voir avec l'équipe en plein marasme Ce week-end, Arsenal vs Manchester City dans un maillot de juventus foyer de la guerre, il est clair que, si perdre ce combat quatre bataille...