• Hi

    Posted May 26 by Bandlover


    Sorry I've been inactive I'm really lazy and c.a.t.s have been killing me but yeah hihi 

  • Wtf life

    Posted May 25 by R4V3N

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    Why does life have to be a pain in the ass. I don't get it. Life. Why is it so sweet than at the last minute turns sour. Why are things so love able than turn on you and try to kill you. I hate this. I hate emotions. I Read More...

  • My darkness

    Posted May 25 by R4V3N


    I have problems. I know that and have known that for a long time. But I have trouble recognizing what it is that is wrong with me. I can't tell if I'm insane or a future serial killer. When I was younger I would cut qu Read More...

  • Thank You

    Posted May 23 by icybones

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      I just wanted to thank everyone who commented publicly or privately messaged me positive things, regarding the negative comments some people gave me on earlier blogs here. Whether it was advice on how to handle i Read More...

  • Trapped within yourself

    Posted May 23 by DeathBunny

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    There's no escaping this harsh world, no escape from the pain, the misery, the hours wasted on tears. So why not just kill yourself? Well you see if you wanted to really end your life you would've already done it. Read More...

  • the memory

    Posted May 23 by Darkness904

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    I remember that night I was being held on the floor and then I heard a noise .... it was the ambulance I realized it was for me and well I let go of myself .... they strapped me to the bed and gave me 3 pills then I woke Read More...

  • his weakness

    Posted May 23 by Darkness904


    her lover was a man .... a man with strength and weakness but he never showed his weakness because he thought having strength would be like having power .... but he was wrong. he used this strength to get what he wanted Read More...

  • ??

    Posted May 21 by icybones

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          **I'd like to know what I did to this person who felt commenting: "God I can't believe this bitch is still here. Nobody cares bastard child!" on my previous blog was acceptable. I ask because the Read More...

  • Monster Energy addiction

    Posted May 21 by Styke

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    Donate 0,50 cents (whatever currency idc) to my paypal: Ryanfrenken@hotmail.comAnd I'll make you a random picture of something completely random.  Or  Donate 1,00 cents (whatever currency idc) to my paypal: Rya Read More...

  • Please disable Adblockers on Emowire

    Posted May 21 by beautifulmonster

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    We have noticed that many of our visitors are using Adblockers to prevent ads from showing on our site. We understand ads can be annoying, however, a website like Emowire requires ads to show in order to help pay for ser Read More...