• what is life

    Posted January 21 by MATTHEWUCHIHA

    love doesn't exist to me i have no heart i've been dead for years what makes you think i love you if i can't love myself

  • smh

    Posted January 21 by MATTHEWUCHIHA

    FUCK why does this girl FUCKING think i like her i don't fucking like you go to hell

  • 666

    Posted January 21 by MATTHEWUCHIHA

    666 across my wrist tell satan to suck my dick  

  • what is life

    Posted January 21 by MATTHEWUCHIHA

    why won't i disappaer every9ne is happy and im not  

  • Good life decision?

    Posted January 20 by ghostfeels

    Okay, so this is my second blog and it's kind of just letting me say something, like a decision I've always wanted to do, but I'm not sure how people will react. Besides my project for helping depressed/suicidal people, I've had this topic on my mind for about 2 years now, it's just I've never reall...

  • Confessions

    Posted January 18 by thePhantomKat

    For every like or for every confession you give me, I'll write a confession of my own about my weird life.

  • Disappointment.

    Posted January 18 by killthesin

    Me and the new boyfriend are going strong and its feeling pretty good some times i miss him but we get toghether every weekend or so. I asked him If he wanted to go to the opera with me and so hes taking me and thats exciting. I wish that I had life figured out but I just seem to live everyday one d...

  • Do I have Emo Hair?

    Posted January 17 by thePhantomKat

    I know my hair isn't completely emo, but I feel its so close to it that a few tweaks should get it right. What should I do to my hair. I love my short hair and the fact that one side is longer than the other. But how should I get that fringe for the bangs? I do have some sort of fringe, but because ...

  • Earth Angel Really?

    Posted January 16 by EarthAngel753

    Hi my name is Kimberly I'm new here and would like to send out this message to anyone here that would like to know if you are truly an Earth Angel yourself! Me well yes I can say I am truly an Earth Angel myself because I love, share, care about others, want to change humanity for the better so on.....

  • Sort of rant thingy

    Posted January 16 by EmmaEsseker

    Basically, this is more of a rant to myself rather than wanting people to read it, however feel free to read and comment or whatever. Maybe I'll even help someone have an epiphany, who knows? Ever since I was 11 years old I had been turning to self harm as a means of not just hurting myself, but to...