• The Sea Took You From Me

    Posted March 9 by icybones

    When you cannot forgive, you cannot move on.    One of my favorites places in the world is on top of this cliff, it overlooks the ocean & the view is amazing. When a storm rolls in, boiling like a dark angry bruise smeared across the blue-violet sky, I can stand on the cliff & feel the v...

  • information about Barrett Wissman – Global Icon of Music Indust

    Posted March 9 by barrettwissman

    This life story of information about Barrett Wissman is a co-chairperson of artwork management company IMG Artists. This title isn't unusual today thinking about the type of efforts he's created in the market! 2 under graded facets about him are that he could be philanthropist and an amazing tradit...

  • Explore Business and Art with Barrett Wissman Biography

    Posted March 9 by BarrettWissmaninfo

    Barrett Wissman is determined to make a difference and make people come out of the digital age that has surrounded them immensely. He is working on this and is putting his heart and soul in bringing in-person experiences for people, which they have started to miss out on due to their technology orie...

  • Online Stalking (true story)

    Posted March 8 by icybones

    I want to say that some of you may not know what's going on here. I wrote this entry for a different auidence so there are words like "SK" or "DDLG" or "Binkie Bitch" that may be unfamiliar to you. I apologize, but I wanted to post this because this is a true story, I am currently still dealing with...

  • Barrett Wissman and His Love for Arts

    Posted March 8 by eluxemagazine

    Barrett Wissman is famous as the Co-chairman of MG Artists which is a leading performing arts management company. He also plays at famous venues as a pianist and his love for music has been with him since his childhood. He took his fist piano class when he was 11. However he did not realize how impo...

  • ~ LIcense To Kill ~ ~ Short Story ~

    Posted March 7 by confessionsofacarlile

    My morning started like any other. It was a typical Monday. I got out of bed, got dressed, ate breakfast while my parents attempted to get my younger sister Julie ready for school, before I headed out the door at 8:00 sharp to catch the bus for school. It was cloudy meaning it was going to storm la...

  • The Gold Queen

    Posted March 7 by icybones

    Sometimes when light is extiguished, you need someone born in the dark to navigate the way.   My sister was everything I wasn't. It's hard to imagine we were twins, the same blonde hair & large blue eyes, the same athletic build. She was a minute older than I was & I think that she was meant ...

  • A Walk Through Hell

    Posted March 7 by icybones

    What it can feel like to fall in love with someone who suffers from severe depression, when love comes up, I think of this.   Please understand when you fall in love with me, it isn't always sweetness & cake. There isn't always a frosting filled aftertaste that would make any dentist grimace ...

  • Rise From The Ashes

    Posted March 7 by icybones

    When a girl lives in a mans world of cage fighting, she doesn't just sacrifice her body, but sometimes her soul.     I spit the blood out of my mouth. It's thick, sticky, hanging in a bloody red thread of saliva. I spit hard & it lands in a small puddle by my foot. "Well, well

  • Snake Eyes

    Posted March 7 by icybones

    When two teenage psychopaths stalk their prey..they blend right in.   "What about her?" Marissa languidly pointed to a short, curvy brunette who was laden down with shopping bags. I tilted my head & gave a small snort of disgust. "What." It wasn't a question but a statement. I glanced back ...