• I'm fine

    Posted January 15 by xXSpikeBiersackXx

    I just want everyone to know I'm okay. I'm just taking sometime off to breathe. It doesn't matter what happened. I'm always gonna be okay. For anyone who doesn't know what's going on.....there's just way too much going on. It's my brain that's going on bulling at school life just sucks for me that'...

  • The Darkness is back

    Posted January 14 by fallenangel27

    Its BACK! I could'nt hold it back anymore I could'nt handle all the emotional pain anymore, so I turned it into physical pain as I did before. I missed the darkness and the scars. I lossed controll. For 2 months I delt with the emotional pain, I kept it back. I j...

  • Anyone down to play on PS3?

    Posted January 10 by CCM77

    My PSN name thing is CupCakeMayhem77. Feel free to friend me :D I have Minecraft, Battlefield 3 and all 3 of The Borderlands games

  • Quote I turned into my own

    Posted January 9 by EmaleeTheOutcast

    Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and standing out is better than being boring. 

  • Are you tough?

    Posted January 9 by BoredtoDeath

    It is a do- or - die world, where the strong do and the weak die trying. Are you strong? 'Cause if not, then toughen up buttercup, or the wolves (the strong) will eat you alive. I can't wait until the day I gasp my final breath, but until then I will grab life by the throat and beat the shit out o...

  • Is this okay!?!

    Posted January 9 by leaf

     I have to take a bunch of annoying prerequisites for college and theater is one of them, I was sitting in class and near the end of the lecture the profeser tells us all his "acceptable pronouns" which were he him and his. At first I was confused as to why he was telling us this because I...

  • New boyfriend

    Posted January 9 by killthesin

    I found a business man over tinder and some how things worked out. He is tall, educated, well off, and rounded in verious subjects. So the question i have is why the hell would he like me? What could I possiblely have done to make him thimk that I should be his girlfriend? I try not to over think it...

  • Does This Make Sense??

    Posted January 7 by ElloThere

    I rather be a second-thought than an after-thought. The way I see it a second-thought is nothing but doubt. An after-thought is something you remember once it's too late to do anything. I much rather someone think of me with doubt clouding their first instinctual thought/want than someone forget ab...

  • Names

    Posted January 6 by leaf

    Don’t name your child something just because you think it looks pretty or unusual, without knowing the meaning of the name or word. My mother in law is an officer in the American Legion Auxillary, and is involved in our state’s “Girl’s State” conference, sort of a &ldq...

  • Why Me?

    Posted January 6 by fallenangel27

    Why Me? Why here? Why now? Why ever? What have I done to deserve this? You judge me for always being sad, so then I smile to make you happy but then you blame me for fakeing it. You always judge me for being who I am and tell me to be who Im not. You compare me to other people....