• Friends irl

    Posted December 19, 2016 by drownjpg

    So weird story i was really friendly and social when i was little, but since the first time i moved, i got so antisocial i eventually became mute for a while... i moved around a lot, so i didn't make friends easy and i got really sad moving so much. it got so bad that in 3rd-4th grade i didnt talk...

  • Gay pride and trans pride disgusts me

    Posted December 19, 2016 by BasedTrans

    As a transgender, gay pride and trans pride disgusts me. Why are you proud of being born as [insert whatever here]? Graduating university, getting a promotion, achieving something are stuff to be proud of. Genetics aren't particularly something to be proud of.   If a straight person or someon...

  • 2017 Project

    Posted December 19, 2016 by ghostfeels

    Hello, I'm new but I would like to spread around my new project idea for 2017. I'm helping people out over social media but not just any kid of people, I help out depressed/suicidal people because it bothers me how society rejects all the misfits, emos, goths, or anyone with a mental illness and I t...

  • A list of the every gender there is.

    Posted December 18, 2016 by BasedTrans

    As a m2f transgender, I get asked on a daily basis what genders there are. To clear up confusion, here is a list of every gender there is: Male, female and mentally ill.

  • My Real Name Bred the Absence of My Heart

    Posted December 18, 2016 by AirashiEto

    My real name...?My real name is Loveless. One without love, one who takes not. Loveless... The one whose heart is ever sought. AirashÄ«, the one with a love that's for,neither you nor me. With this feeling in my chest, so dim and distressed. I want to run, run far away.&...

  • RE-evaluation of my life

    Posted December 18, 2016 by xaviara

    I don't want people judging without knowing. This was principally for my own peace of mind. Getting it out in words before going crazy.4 years ago I met a lad who I soon became very close to. Not necessarily romantically as I was too young and mostly too naive to truly understand. Since the start of...

  • Taking Things Personally

    Posted December 15, 2016 by AstralUnlimited

    Heh, so I've been doing some study on the side. One topic that took my eye was a type of reflective philosophy. And basically, its called "Don't take things so personally."   "But I don't take things personally!" At lease that was the thought that came to mind whenever I was just barley touc...

  • Sorry..

    Posted December 15, 2016 by NikkiaxGummyxBear

    My pasttime on this site, I had hurt so many people. Everyday I feel so badly for causing pain for the people I got near. When I was on here I was basically a whore, just trying to seek attention from everyone, and not noticing I was hurting them. I decided to write this to apoligize to all of you. ...

  • Bad Story Bad People 6

    Posted December 15, 2016 by leaf

    The two weeks he was gone was like I had cancer but it had taken a long remission. I had a sudden tingling happiness and despite not having any friends I felt the urge to talk to people. I went overboard on talking to science class girl. Well I guess it wasn’t just me she was being crunchier t...

  • Bad Story Bad People 5

    Posted December 15, 2016 by leaf

    Things really got bad foe me near the end of the year (bad in a different way). My grades were good but my relationship with that horrid history teacher continued to decline. AP testing for college credit was about to start and I had a B in his AP class so I started studying for it. Thing was though...