• Deals With The Devil (Ghost)

    Posted March 3 by icybones

    This was the story that started it all. I decided to write about a fictional character mixed wih real character attributes or people I know, because every good story has some truth to it. It was only for fun, to make a friend of mine smile after a hard day. Now..I have different short stories, all p...

  • 2017.

    Posted March 3 by Castiel

    Hello! It's been awhile since i've been on here but a lot has happened so i had a break. Me and my boyfriend broke up. I may need a second back surgery. i got a new therapist. i got the contact back with two old friends. i may gonna get my own apartment after summer. I'm gonna see so many ban...

  • Death

    Posted March 2 by Brokenwings

    Death. Such a sad thing. But a sweet reminder for the living. A grim day for a family, a day of hope for tomorrow. But for the depressed, suicidal, and lonely, it's a dream. A wish. A need. It's something I crave but can never quite reach. A sweet, venomous bite.

  • A Poem I Wrote

    Posted March 2 by KleboldKlan

    You left me while I was at my darkest moment. You left me for dead like a shot to a rodent. I cried every night for 3 years. You made me desert my peers. I was alone, no one cared. You made me this person, I wanted to commit arson. 3 years and I’m still angry. You left me witho...

  • parents

    Posted March 2 by realraven17

    well my folks are not the worst people on earth thier just the devil and his twin . They decided to move me around my whole  life and then decide to leave me in this god forsaken place (and if u wanna know where that search for south africa) and with some of the most evil people on  e...

  • The Night Is Alive (Ghost)

    Posted February 28 by icybones

      It's night when I feel most alive. When my blood sings & my heart beats in time to the pale moon that often hides behind a layer of thick clouds mixed with smog. I walk along my city streets, it is the time I am able to think while most of my city sleeps. The only sounds are a lone cab drivi...

  • Earn Your Money, In Blood

    Posted February 27 by icybones

    "Trust want Phoenix..I'm telling you, to not have Phoenix in the cage means you & your boy here lose a lot of money & with losing that money..well..I can assure you that your mob connections won't be too happy about that."   I let the back of my head fall against the wall as I sit on ...

  • "Father"

    Posted February 25 by Brokenwings

    Ok, story time. So about a year ago I found out my biological father and stepmother were getting a divorce. I was pretty happy about this until I remembered my half sister. Her mother is a drunk whore and our father is a rude, narcissistic prick who can't accept being wrong. Anyway, we went back rec...

  • The Job (Ghost)

    Posted February 25 by icybones

      I knew who was calling me before I even looked at my vibrating phone as I pulled it out of my back pocket. I was standing in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It had been the home of one of Bostons most influential & wealthiest women Isabella. She was a patron of the arts & collected rare...

  • Ghost

    Posted February 24 by icybones

    One of my favorite fictional charcters I ever wrote was about a female named Ghost & her best friend Denny. Denny is awesome to write, everyone needs a best friend like Denny.      I always liked sharp things, pretty little things. I always liked smoking, the feeling of a cancero...