• New Style

    Posted December 28, 2016 by EmoDayzAnt88

    Ok so I been an emo since high school so thats like 11yrs. But the one thing ive never thought of doing was growing out my hair so I can have bangs. So basically for the last 5 months I been growing out my hair the only problem i dont even know how long it will take to get it to the length I want it...

  • To all the haters

    Posted December 28, 2016 by BoredtoDeath

    It must be hard. When you have nothing better to do with your sad lives than to attack people who have never done anything to intentionally hurt you........ I feel for you, I really do. So belittled and miunderstood... I must admit.. I pity you, whose vocabulary is limited to words like "nigger"...

  • Reinvention

    Posted December 28, 2016 by HawtSauce

    Well i did reinvent myself from follower to crazy cult leader now join the cult plz boss

  • Im screwed! (get it?)

    Posted December 27, 2016 by Novahina

    My   earrings  are  screws! <3

  • Wumbo

    Posted December 27, 2016 by HawtSauce

    HE wumbo, she wumbo, he/she me wumbo,Wumbo,wumboing,The study of wumbo

  • Derp

    Posted December 27, 2016 by Novahina

      Princess thing over my bed haha. From when i was girly. Also i have pink curtains to my left but you cant see <3

  • Thesis Writing & Professional Help

    Posted December 27, 2016 by danielcampbell

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  • essay writer

    Posted December 26, 2016 by kjgh896tkj8

    Thanks for making such a cool project. I've been checking the site for the Windows version, but I never left a comment about it. I know you are working hard and doing it for free so you shouldn't feel rushed or anything. I hope you can continue this type of hard work to this...

  • Straightforward Suggestions To Create A Greater Relationship

    Posted December 26, 2016 by CharlotteRoque

    When you wish to create your husband trust you once again, you're probably to be released with new techniques to tell him regarding your adore for him and feeling so afraid to reduce him, you may have also compromised a great deal to lead him to sense pleased, much like he's every single little fact...

  • Lonely

    Posted December 25, 2016 by EmoDayzAnt88

    I feel so dam lonely. Pretty pathetic considering im a guy thats usually emotionally strong but when someone shits on your heart its hard to recover from it. Its not the fact they stepped through me like im nothing its the fact im left wondering what I done so wrong for them to completely ignore me....