• the beauty within me

    Posted May 6 by Darkness904

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    When I first woke it was only 3:00am everyone was asleep an well I was up .... I walked over to my mirror an sat down on the chair staring at myself wondering and asking this question over and over again . Read More...

  • I Hate

    Posted May 5 by MorbidDoll

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    I hate children, who cry and scream and whine and drive you insane I hate politics, pointless chatter about pointless shit I hate people who brag too much, get a life you stupid sack of shit, you aren't that special I Read More...

  • I Hate Myself

    Posted May 4 by GrayPastelGalaxy

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    Alright... so let's begin this sad tale. I can't stand myself whatsoever.  I mean today... my ex and I were talking about what we were going to do because we honestly what to still be in contact and possibly friend Read More...

  • Winter Vacation

    Posted May 3 by gardin


    Each instruction framework gives average excursion to all understudies. Customarily, all understudies have the chance to rest twice every year, except winter occasions are exceptional. Winter gives extraordinary recollec Read More...

  • Why Use an How To View Private Instagram

    Posted May 1 by privateinsta


    It appears genuinely frightening to see Instagram profile that is private, doesn’t it? This won’t let you down in relation to security whatsoever and means that they are the very best private Instagram viewer Read More...

  • War Against Myself

    Posted May 1 by CharlieAlexa

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    Seal my wounds with a kiss and leave me to fight my next battle alone until I return home for you to fix me once again. Stitch me and send me back into chaos until I return without a scratch on my body and I have won t Read More...

  • Lifetime

    Posted Apr 27 by R4V3N

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    I am tired... ever so tired yet no amount of sleep can quench my thirst . I wake up tired. Go through my day tired. Go to sleep tired. Is this my life? Am I supposed to go through my lifetime like a sleepless zombie? And Read More...

  • The Infamous Catfish

    Posted Apr 26 by icybones

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    **This was previously written by myself awhile ago on my laptop, so I just put it on here for you to read it. This is the story that I promised you about "Castiel." I will probably always mention what happened to me beca Read More...

  • ....

    Posted Apr 25 by lili

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  • broken trees

    Posted Apr 25 by jellyfishalii

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    A tree full of leaves isnt dead  in fact its more alive than before  I've seen those trees at their worst  They've healed their broken branches  They grew from just a seed and water ... just like Read More...