• Benefits of Coffee for Skin

    Posted Jul 20 by markrobson0011


    About 10 out of 8 adults are very fond of drinking coffee. Coffee is a drink that comes from the seeds of coffee fruit that has been mashed. There are many types of coffee, ranging from coffee robusta, kopi luak and so f Read More...


    Posted Jul 19 by darkchall

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    Who wants to draw with me and maybe animate depends if we come up with something good message me for the details.


    Posted Jul 19 by anadisaster

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    HAHA that title was just to mess with you. Hello i'm Ana, i'm 17. i like to make little comics of myself. wanna see? well if you responded with no too bad. youre gonna see anyways cx           Read More...

  • Me

    Posted Jul 18 by ChristianErskine

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    My name is Christian Andrew Erskine, I don't know who I am anymore, I don't know what I want half of the time, I just feel dead sometimes, I do some exercise, I go out, If I feel like it i'll take my bike or skateboard, Read More...

  • I thought

    Posted Jul 18 by pinguino

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    It started as a friendship. No we couldn't fall for each other, how could we. But the friendship was strong, the bond was unbreakable. I told myself I wouldn't fall today but I fell inside those blue eyes. Constantly sta Read More...

  • impossible

    Posted Jul 18 by thelonergirl2

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    so like have any of yall ever felt like its impossible to find anyone that likes you for you in general like in any relationship its like ive been used so much lately and it just hurts very much and it makes me fell usel Read More...

  • Distraction

    Posted Jul 18 by pinguino

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    You know when you're surrounded by all of these distractions it makes you wonder whats really there in life for you. You know like whats really up ahead that's waiting for you. And when you get there, when you finally ge Read More...

  • If you see this, click here.

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    Let's have a discussion about music and how it relates to your daily life.To me, music is important because I am a musician and I composed daily. It's what I want to do for a living someday, even if the music market is o Read More...

  • Hi! ^.^

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    Hii my friend used to have an account on here but she told me I should since I can meet cool people! Message and friend me if you want. (unless you're a creep)

  • I'm afraid of love, true story

    Posted Jul 13 by anadisaster

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    "Why does love scare me?" You might say?Because its fucked me up in practically every wayJust when I think that they're gonna stayMy heart gets ripped apart and torn away You see I fall too hard and I fall too fastEve Read More...