• Confessions Of A Teenage Boy

    Posted March 21 by icybones

    I decided to write from the perspective of a teenage boy, this was a fun story to write.      Chapter One: Just Your Average Teenage Boy      My phone buzzed on my cluttered desk loudly. I had managed to put my iPhone on the only non-cluttered part of it, so the b...

  • Lila

    Posted March 21 by icybones

    This is one of the saddest pieces I wrote. Suicide affects so many people, even the people who never had an opportunity to know the person. This the outside looking in.    Chapter One: The Girl Who Was Different   She was beautiful, but not in the way society always shoved down ou...

  • Change

    Posted March 21 by Drozd

    I had difficulties accepting change. Our parents moved houses a lot while I was young due to the work situations. I would be offended each time because it meant that I had to make new friendships. I was growing weary of changing schools almost every year, and developing new bonds with neighbors, and...

  • Damn it!

    Posted March 20 by Soap4Lyfe

    My sister just saw one of my drawings. Fuck. It was a guy, bleeding out of his mouth, with a rotting skeleton body, on a unicycle. Fuck.

  • Rescind

    Posted March 19 by Mujihina

    The same old mistake, that’s too hard to shake,is strangling me again. This now useless illness… causes me to regress. My burning lungs, my numb, azure tongue. I’m drowning once again… No matter how I try,It’s obvious I will die…De...

  • The Unknown

    Posted March 19 by Darkness904

    I am the Unknown of the Unknow an I have this ability in me an to be honest with you i am unawre of this ability of mine i only wish to know the sorce of this ability but as days go by an years come by i still hve this gut feeling in me that this ability of mine isnt just some hallucination or ...

  • Razor's Edge (3)

    Posted March 18 by icybones

      Chapter Three: Whitehat Blackhat--We Just Like Hats       Block Eight Cafe was up by West Central. A little shitty hole in the wall place that always seemed to have one or two letters burned out on its neon open sign that hung in the window. It was open 24 hours a day, s...

  • Razor's Edge (2)

    Posted March 18 by icybones

        Chapter Two: We Don't Have Friends     I crawled through the vent, cobwebs brushed my face & I felt something skitter across my hand. I refused to think of what that had been. I was sure I was on the first level, judging by how high up the air vent I gotten into was. Wit...

  • Razor's Edge

    Posted March 18 by icybones

      Chapter One: Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be Quick--Jack Is Dead       If this was a movie you'd see me sitting in the front passenger seat of Laura's car as it's parked in a semi-empty parking lot. You'd see the clouds of weed smoke pouring out of our cracked windows every so oft...

  • Join me cult and git free Manatees

    Posted March 15 by Hentai

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