• The Decisive Research Paper

    Posted Apr 25 by Micklem


    Working on research papers does not become severe until students get to the final stage of their college life. Last college years are the critical moments that shape career lives of many students. Learners are acquainted Read More...

  • Poems and Short Stories

    Posted Apr 24 by EmmyShadespark21


    Hey guys, so I think I might start publishing my poems and short stories on here, if you ever have a request for a short story you can message my account. Thanks Baiii ~Emmy Shadespark

  • Build your Dream Home with Chicago New Home Builder

    Posted Apr 24 by customhomebuilder


    Building a house is one of the biggest investments that any individual makes throughout his life. This really is where people are confused about whether or not they need to purchase a home or build one of their own. You Read More...

  • Please note:

    Posted Apr 24 by JaydenK

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    If someone's telling you that they're about to literally pass the fuck out while driving, DON'T completely ignore that, then take an hour complaining about the place you're staying, refuse all their ideas to help you (wh Read More...

  • Snapchat

    Posted Apr 23 by ryandean123


    just trying to find friends for snapchat add me Ry4n_5k37t0n

  • chat thing ??

    Posted Apr 23 by jellyfishalii

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    why doesnt anyone ever use the chat thing it looks cool i guess 

  • where is everyone??

    Posted Apr 23 by jellyfishalii

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    this site is sooooooo dead 

  • The Letter of love sent from her tears

    Posted Apr 23 by Darkness904


    When i was 7 I watched over you when you slept didnt sleep cause I was scared of shutting my eyes an waking up thinking mother had come back an father was visiting me but they wern't .... they never would Read More...

  • A little note left at the door for you father

    Posted Apr 23 by Darkness904


    I remeber crying that day when you left but now that you've come in my apperance I ....  well i havent forgotten but i .... well i wish to know you an ask some questions but i cant if they are untrue stories an tale Read More...

  • 8:30 pm

    Posted Apr 20 by Castiel

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    Hey guys! It has been awhile since i was online. I just lost motivation and i bareley leave my house anymore. Everything are just getting bad again and im so frustrated. Im slowly giving up.   Other than that i h Read More...