• Falling Apart

    Posted March 15 by ghostfeels

    Okay so most of my friends irl don’t know my situation, but I’ve been in treatment for over a year now and I’m still in. I’m struggled so much and I don’t know what to do anymore. My mental health is probably worse than it was when I had freedom. I have these suicidal t...

  • Continuation of Poem

    Posted March 14 by nightowl

    The sun isn't shining ,the sky isn't clear ,there is no silverlinning ,'cause you're no longer here,the words that you whisphered that only I read ,I love you so much ,please don't cry when I'm dead.

  • Poem

    Posted March 14 by nightowl

    Roses are red , violets are blue ,sugar is sweet,and perhaps so are you,but the roses have wilted the violets are dead ,the sugar bowls empty,and your wrist are stained red.

  • please Help

    Posted March 13 by xXBunnyXx

    Im not sure if this is what a blog is for but I need your help... My mother is agenst my "screaming" music, Studs, band braclets, and anything with Skulls or Zombies on it. I really like the 'emo' style, it feels  But im not sure how to do that. BTW she also doesnt like Hair dye or...

  • Music is life

    Posted March 10 by Razieltyet

    Music is life and sometimes when every has abandoned me it's all that stands between me and my demons it's funny how there is a song for everything in the rock, and metal genres and those are the only genres that can actually make a difference. Music can make a difference in your life it can mean ev...

  • Death Dealer

    Posted March 10 by icybones

     Would you recognize Death if she came for you?   Chapter One: The Stages    Death is in stages. That's what they tell us.  The first stage is denial. We deny that we are dying, there is no way we are dying. Even though we inherently know we won't live forever, our day ...

  • The Death Of The Moon

    Posted March 10 by icybones

    When a girl is murdered, her soul dances with the light of the moon.    1. The Sun Did Not Love Me   "Can I have your attention please, if you didn't want the garden why did you plant the seed? Making promises that you never keep, now you deal with the consequences down on your kn...

  • The Sea Took You From Me

    Posted March 9 by icybones

    When you cannot forgive, you cannot move on.    One of my favorites places in the world is on top of this cliff, it overlooks the ocean & the view is amazing. When a storm rolls in, boiling like a dark angry bruise smeared across the blue-violet sky, I can stand on the cliff & feel the v...

  • information about Barrett Wissman – Global Icon of Music Indust

    Posted March 9 by barrettwissman

    This life story of information about Barrett Wissman is a co-chairperson of artwork management company IMG Artists. This title isn't unusual today thinking about the type of efforts he's created in the market! 2 under graded facets about him are that he could be philanthropist and an amazing tradit...

  • Explore Business and Art with Barrett Wissman Biography

    Posted March 9 by BarrettWissmaninfo

    Barrett Wissman is determined to make a difference and make people come out of the digital age that has surrounded them immensely. He is working on this and is putting his heart and soul in bringing in-person experiences for people, which they have started to miss out on due to their technology orie...