• the mind

    Posted Jul 11 by manzualda33

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    so I figured things would be so easy to deal with myself. I was wrong. my bottle of a mind seems to explode every now and then to the worse people and the wrong time. ive unintentionally hurt people I love Read More...


    Posted Jul 11 by wildkitty65

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  • Old-school

    Posted Jul 8 by Grimm

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    I write music. I usually write really abstract lo-fi alt rock or really angsty shit like early MCR but today I've been binging Salvia Palth and Cap n' Jazz.I forgot what old-school emo music sounded like (Well, SP isn't Read More...

  • The truth about emo/scene culture today.

    Posted Jul 8 by anadisaster

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    The term's definition is still the subject of debate, with some question as to whether it can even be defined. There is no one definition of emo, nowadays it is seemed to describe anything that's a little bit different f Read More...

  • I'm very awkward

    Posted Jul 8 by CrazyInsaneEvilFluffyEMOKitten

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    What's up smol potatoes? I'm a weird insane crazy girl who likes making friends. Call me Senpai I like fluffy hair and black kittens. All of you seem cool and wondering why I act  crazy. Well it's because I hide in Read More...

  • Hair

    Posted Jul 7 by Blu14

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    I did it finally i finally dyed my hair!! Im so happy !!

  • Shut up

    Posted Jul 7 by CrazyInsaneEvilFluffyEMOKitten

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    Cyber-bullying someone online is not okay and people need to treat each other with respect and kindness. We all have bad days and we shouldn't call anyone names. When you bully a person online then they are the victim an Read More...

  • Andy

    Posted Jul 6 by Blu14

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  • Poerty, or the lack thereof.

    Posted Jul 6 by letmeflywithyou

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    So many people here post their poetry, poetry that mostly tells their story in bits and pieces. Most of it, around 95% I would say is, all melancholy and depressing. And though, to them it's filled with emotions, struggl Read More...