• Pills and knives that cut too deep

    Posted Jul 6 by Emogirl18

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    I am sat in the darkness as music blares out of my ear phones,my mind a blankness sheet with thoughts. I stand and stare aimlessly at the ground;I go to the cupboard and open it to find the source of my self hate. I hold Read More...

  • Who am I?

    Posted Jul 6 by Emogirl18

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    Remember remember remember who I used to be? The one who used to smile all the time, the one who used to have friends, the one who didn't hurt themselves or cry within the pale moonlight. As I drag myself off the filthy Read More...

  • Self-Fear

    Posted Jul 5 by xXstarryXnightXx


    You know, there's a moment when I forget that I hate myself and that people generally scare me and I'm happy. That happiness scares me to death because I honestly don't know what to do. I can't see anything in my future Read More...

  • Asura Shino

    Posted Jul 3 by Seaniibee

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    Ok, Now if you're anything like me and watch anime, you would say that Asura Shino a.k.a. "Sinon" is the most talented character in Sword Art Online. Kirito is also very talented as well. Even though kirito is the main c Read More...

  • Bitcoin Vs Goldcoin

    Posted Jul 3 by bitmonster


    If That you never know what Bit-coin is, do a bit of research on the web, and you'll get plenty... however, the brief story is that Bit-coin was created as a medium of exchange, with no central bank or bank of issue bein Read More...

  • My CD collection

    Posted Jun 29 by Narcissus

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    Nirvana: Nirvana, En Utero, Nevermind, MTV unplugged in NY My Chemical Romance: The black parade, three cheers for sweet revenge Breaking Benjamin: Dear agony Green Day: Nimrod, Dookie, Warning, American Idiot, 21st c Read More...

  • Life/adulting tips

    Posted Jun 26 by JaydenK

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    Okay I'm kinda drunk and in a weird state of mind I'm not entirely sure what's going on so here we go Easy way to calculate a tip: Multiply the total by the percent in decimal form (If the restaurant doesn't have it o Read More...

  • What's New With Me

    Posted Jun 21 by Gerawwwrd

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    Classy Times New Roman. Oh Boi.   As the title reads, I will now elaborate on my new expression, interests, and what not.    1. I no longer go by Gerard on a day-to-day basis. As soon I will be old eno Read More...

  • First impression so far.....

    Posted Jun 20 by DollParts

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    My first conversation yesterday was about relationships... I didn't really care for that theme. Like maybe over time as i get to know someone i'll be fine with talking about the relationship aspect but when they just spr Read More...

  • A list of every gender (and a small description on each one)

    Posted Jun 16 by emilyyy

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    Hello there ladies and gentlemen! I've noticed that as of lately there's people who don't understand simple biology. It's okay, I won't judge you. In fact, I'm here to help you! Here is an easy to understand list of all Read More...