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    This is a group for people who have a YouTube and posts videos regularly.
  • 3 members led by SidAndNancy
    Join my fuckin group
  • 2 members led by queengamergirl28
    this for every gamers out there who love video we talk about games what game you play or pc games classic games is always about video games
  • 16 members led by Kaylie
    This is a group for anyone who likes or loves jackaboy
    or other youtubers
  • 9 members led by Kaylie
    this is for people who Self harm and people who want to help
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    most subbed youtuber ever
  • 5 members led by thePhantomKat
    If your life as wasted in any way (right now I'm thinking more of from fandoms like youtube, anime, bands, ect.) then this group is for you. just talk about your wasted life! All your fanboying/fangirling need are met here.
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    talk about your fav youtubers
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    this people who like or love new years day you can join anytime you like :)
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    Just anyone and everyone's allowed. Just Chat, Say whatever the fuck you wanna. Honestly I'm just bored so entertain me X'D