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    Any band it has to be a band tho

    This is where you can talk about any band and share your love for them.

    Oh yeah and remember to have fun and be safe!
    led by jayla55555

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    Social Circle

    Talk/add friends here! Just say if you want people to add you :3 I will add people who ask :3
    led by thedeathlywaltzer

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    kill a sloth

    Talking about any bands
    led by EnchantedEmo

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    i love marijuana

    if drugs is the only thing that helps you feel good.
    led by coleokane

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    AwakeGOW Members/Recruitment

    Hey lol I feel like it's point doing this but hey you may never know but anyways I made this for anyone who is good at Gears of War knows GB and UG can handle their 1v's can record and put in effort in Awake Awake used to be famous but they shutdown but n...  more
    led by MellowLegacy99

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    ITM fans or people that want to be one.
    led by LilVbit

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    Suicide Silence fans

    S.s is one of my fav bands c:
    led by BreakdownOfSanity

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    Monster High fans

    just because its a doll line doesnt mean you cant like it all MH fans are welcome
    led by sasu

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    TV Shows

    Talk about your favorite tv series!
    led by Truth

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    Gamers welcome!

    The place where gamers unite and socialize with one another about games or anything really.

    You can find other members who enjoy the same genres and games you enjoy.
    Always fun to play games with friends. That's what makes games more enjoyable. Pick a g...  more
    led by AvoidtheOne