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    Ummm.... this is my band we do rock/screamo and yeah that's it

  • 7 members led by Midthedragoness
    A group for those night owls out there who don't have anything else to do
  • 6 members led by GrayPastelGalaxy
    Craving the blade? Do drugs? Alcoholic? We are the bad influences of this generation... Whether this becomes a group help or just a fermentation of bad decisions and bad influences are up to its member!!!
    Come join the twisted fun
  • 4 members led by SpookTacular
    Fans of Disturbed!!!
  • 9 members led by MaddaHatta
    Are you sickly sadistic to yourself like me..?

    Sometimes i like to lock myself in a dark room and torture myself with my nyctophobia..
    ...  more
  • 2 members led by ICatWalkTheDay
    Hey you! Yes, you. If you love undertale....join this group!!! If you a-door knock-knock jokes...that is a biggest reason to join this group. Its free!! :)
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    No hate. No fake. Please be nice. Not ice. :)
    Friendly adds. Add anyone. And everyone.
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    hey if you're new then JOINN THIS GROUP if not then JOIN THIS GROUP... talk to us about anything XD
  • 13 members led by Manic
    Ever thought of having a conversation with a killer? Ever thought of killing? Ever wanted to express your distress cause you can't kill? Yea this may be a pretty creepy and disturbing group and I shouldn't be making a group like this but what's the fun in that!?
  • 8 members led by XdriftXhoodieX
    We are the emowire weirdos. We don't fit in and we don't care! SO LETS HAVE FUN!!!!