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    Join if you love cats.
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    Join if you love dogs.
  • 9 members led by Dakota
    I'm a weird kid who needs frens that won't leave. This is a place to be chu and meet frens
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    This Group for new applicants for New Recruits wishing to work within the FTN.

    People may speak with staff here for potential recruitment, Positions avaible range from a variety of Starter Positions to High ranking position of scientific Research, Polit...  more
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    Do you play an instrument or sing, or even want to learn how to do either of those. Then join this group amd speak with musicians or singers. Maybe youll meet some people nearby and start a band.
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    Christian emo is a thing
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    This is just to talk for people who are alone, lonely, or new to the site. c:
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    What's your favorite genre of music? join my group and let's discuss music (:
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    this group is for all my weebs who want to talk about new hot animes or want to see what others are watching.
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    for girls who will talk to someone and squeal in the middle of a public place talking about bands leaders. No judging