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    join our cult: freddie is love, freddie is life
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    Looking for bmth fans I am so bored
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    hey there idjit, love Supernatural and everything Jensen, Misha, Mark and Jared?
    You have joined the right group. Come, fellow hunters and unite and practically worship spn Characters and Cast!
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    If ya crazy and ya know it, join the group. And just talk about crazy meaningless SHIT. XD
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    More so a place to freely discuss hypocrisy and politics. Arguments are openly welcome, however should things get heated, I will step in. Be smart.
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    This is a group for people who have a YouTube and posts videos regularly.
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    Join my fuckin group
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    this for every gamers out there who love video we talk about games what game you play or pc games classic games is always about video games
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    This is a group for anyone who likes or loves jackaboy
    or other youtubers
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    this is for people who Self harm and people who want to help