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    if you have a snap chat just post it :)
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    Any death metal fans?
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    This group was created for promotional purposes only. This group uplifts people (unisex) with eating disorders. Quotes from movies, Tumblr, video clips, and pictures will be provided and you will have the opportunity to post some of your own too. Fitspo I...  more
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    for anyone who sold their soul for their fav bands *not for real* but even if you did welcome

    for anyone and everyone but please be nice
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    So, this is a place for peeps who like music. You can talk 'bout any music, ask for music recommendations, and shit like that.
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    This is the place to come and talk about things that you have on your mind, and NO ONE WILL JUDGE YOU.
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    For anyone who loves , or can relate to the movie "suicide room" ..

    A group chat where we can talk about feelings and escape the horrible reality..
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    For if you worship system of a down and you want to lick every album they make :D
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    Anybody play Overwatch? Just looking for some geeks to possibly game with, so if that's you come say hi c:
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    join our cult: freddie is love, freddie is life