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    I decided to make a group for aussie emo blokes and sheilas. Ok, for the non-aussie people that's slang for boys and girls. If your from Australia, live in Australia or just love us Aussies then join!!
    led by coreyboy

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    Florida emo/scenes

    emo/scenes that live in florida
    led by lexigenevieve

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    Im lonly i need freinds

    Plz come im lonly school sucks come tell me why
    led by Xxxemogirlxxx

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    Internet Mafia

    The Mafia of the Internet, Watchout...
    'Listen, I'm a kind guy, I'm kind to everyone, but if you cross me, kindness ain't gonna be what you remember me for...'
    led by Nightlife9

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    Witchy Chicks & Gothic Guys

    Join this group if you are Gothic and Witchy.
    led by MonaDiabolicalSoul

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    Artists United

    A place where artists can and talk even show their artwork.
    led by MonaDiabolicalSoul

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    Illinois Emos

    Making emo friends all over Illinois!
    led by TrAnSbOiEmO

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    who are we? we are the trench coat mafia. we stand tall and proud in being who we are and acting the way we want to act, doing what we want to do. we don't give a single fuck about what people say about us, we are different and proud of it, we are not one...  more
    led by NoahNightfire

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    Jelly Gamat Teripang

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    led by jellygamatteripang