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  • Amberr Spent 6 hours binge watching Rick and Morty to avoid getting out of bed :')
    Sep 8

  • MommyCheesecake My snapchat is MommyCheesecake. :P
    Sep 13

  • RixRoxSox When you casually call a friend on Skype and you hear them crying, then they refuse to explain why.. :( 
    Mon at 7:30 PM

  • Rayne Planning to delete my account here by Wednesday of this upcoming week as I feel I've tapped most of the usefulness of this site. If anybody wants to get to know me or try to get a link to my discord before I peace out just hmu. I'm typically a friendly guy.
    Sep 15

  • Mujihina Me: becoming further obsessed with my appearance to make sure i can screw for substances.  Also me: using substances more and more days of the week, mild difficulty in controlling use.  Still me: drinking, smoking, popping competitively and tying to forget my identity in another person.  Me at the end of the day: still making jokes and laughing since i was told as a kid i absolutely may never cry. 
    Sep 8

  • Midnightsky It hurts so much to breath anymore..
    Aug 10

  • MarissaBasson1 Shitty day. Shitty life.
    Tue at 10:41 AM