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  • Brandnugget Which anime or animes you think are to overrated?
    Apr 23

  • Ryxas Anyone wanna do something stupid? Bad thoughts are kicking in and I need someone to talk to, my snapchat is: ryxas248
    Jun 23

  • JulieHurro Bored, someone hop in my DMs?
    September 16, 2016

  • Joji yes ive been on imvu for 9 hours donttouchme
    16 hours ago

  • kazejin Brought the poison You can bet your life on it Teeth got the ice on it Wrist still got the slice on it That walking stigmata and Poltergeist Still feeling stuck every single night Don't give a fuck if I live or die Surprised at this point that I have survived Pull up with a motherfucking AK tucked Bitchboy good luck got the blade Hit the slay then we spray with the .44 5 Bitch its grey 59 let the devil go and ride Ain't nothing but a pussy if you goin' throw shade Fuckboy I'm hungry and you looking like steak Trigger finger itching and you looking like fate Trash done passed and you looking like waste
    16 hours ago

  • ManBeerSquig if the government knew what i did to myself every night i would be charged with crimes against humanity
    Jun 21