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  • MelancholyHill how tf do I add a cursor?
    Wed at 6:44 PM

  • DollParts Tattoos? untamed hair? Idk... a small one that won't be visible. I like natural tame hair. I know it's boring but I would still like to be able to be hired for a job when i am older....i assume i'll have children to take care of? i don't want to be lining up at the unemployment or welfare office because i'm covered in tattoos and body modification just to pretend it's the male patriarch fault for not hiring women who look like a mess of staples, hello kitty tank tops and hair that looks like a unicorn took a crap on my head. 
    Mon at 9:29 PM

  • DiamondsArntForever So this Ryan guy...hes fake i belive.. Cuse hes showed me a pic once....and then i ask for another picture 3 days later. He avoids the question. I ask for his number or other socil media.. He avoids that question to. Sooo....Ryan isnt real ig... so im Single.
    4 hours ago

  • MavisRae add me on snapchat and stuff ant_fucker
    Apr 10

  • ctsvbullet unlrea tourment four is back if anyone wants make team online create some new maps custom wepons fro emowire team  just like in the old days  just make sure download the program server fist launcher make an account then can play online  ill post video of the new game so can  believe its here.
    Jun 5