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  • TravisTouchdown "That's what i love about these high school girls man. i get older. They stay the same age." Wooderson, Dazed and Confused
    Jul 28

  • MommyCheesecake My snapchat is MommyCheesecake. :P
    Sep 13

  • JoeHolden96 I'm new on here, wanna make new friends :P
    Sep 10

  • BandTrashForBrendon It legit makes me mad when someone calls me a 12 yr old after offering me weed and telling me "You're chill but not chill enough" as I'm walking away. To me that sounds like "You're not attractive to me and i probably won't like you so you can't hang" little do they know that my ass isn't giving up...
    11 hours ago

  • MarissaBasson1 Shitty day. Shitty life.
    Tue at 10:41 AM

  • Robwert i am back!!!!!
    Sep 15

  • Kitty127 I can't seem to confirm friends for some reason.
    Sep 2

  • CTunez188 When I was A young boy
    Jul 25