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  • Smileyyyy Tired as fuck!!!
    16 hours ago

  • coreyboy oh crap dude, now that i googled those jeans the ads on my emowire page are from that company - great 
    Tue at 8:12 PM

  • MorganL I totally forgot about this site for like 2 months whoops
    2 hours ago

  • ctsvbullet unlrea tourment four is back if anyone wants make team online create some new maps custom wepons fro emowire team  just like in the old days  just make sure download the program server fist launcher make an account then can play online  ill post video of the new game so can  believe its here.
    Jun 5

  • TheOneAndOnly so i made this thing called a kik.... i guess you could message me if you want it :/
    Jun 6

  • LifeSucks Pretty Little Liars' final episode is tonight!! WHYYYY!!!!! T_T
    Tue at 6:23 PM

  • NekoCurryXS Do you like your chicken dry or moist?
    Apr 2