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  • The3mokid Hi hi!! Someone message me or kik me!!
    Jun 25

  • JamieH26 God damn sexual dreams >,<
    May 24

  • Forgettable ~The adventurer searched for the other half of his heart, alas it was stolen from him by a lovely woman in red.. soon death caught up with him and now, sinks to the bottom of the ocean, he reaches out for her and uses his last breath to call her name but the distance between them was far too great~ - N.K.B (a gift)
    6 hours ago

  • Razieltyet ¬† Sadly it seems as if I lost all my friends and I think this time I won't be able to restart so I'm sorry I let everyone down¬†
    Jun 22

  • KittyWizard Worst feel is when your head is full of negative thoughts and you get in a depression ridden breakdown and can't sleep for 72hours and you don't even have the strength to eat, talk, even goin to toilet and you feel sick as fuck even when you aren't sick. Now I'm feelin' better im still battling with the bad thoughts that are killin me. Literally wasn't this bad for like 2 years... I'll just keep tryin to stay a strong and caring person i always was despite the hard life situation im goin thru.
    Jun 2