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  • Razieltyet   Sadly it seems as if I lost all my friends and I think this time I won't be able to restart so I'm sorry I let everyone down 
    Jun 22

  • KittyWizard Worst feel is when your head is full of negative thoughts and you get in a depression ridden breakdown and can't sleep for 72hours and you don't even have the strength to eat, talk, even goin to toilet and you feel sick as fuck even when you aren't sick. Now I'm feelin' better im still battling with the bad thoughts that are killin me. Literally wasn't this bad for like 2 years... I'll just keep tryin to stay a strong and caring person i always was despite the hard life situation im goin thru.
    Jun 2

  • patrickboy8659 the most mighty weapon is a pen, words written by powerful men. showing the world dignity en respect, in a matter that no one can ever reject. show us your talent and spread out the word, and speak them out loud for the world to be heard.  the words on your mind, are one of a kind, the words lined in ink, will make people think, but words of equality, can give us humanity! # peace   # love   # unity   # respect
    Jun 12

  • Van3ssaM kill me now.
    Feb 28

  • sexybabe i just had the weirdest ratchet moment ever im trying to decide how i feel bout that......
    Jan 14

    Jun 22