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  • beautifulmonster Thanks to those who reported robot spams! Greatly appreciated!
    Mar 30

  • LastNightAlive "Remember we die, but you're still alive Don't let go 'cause it's the only thing you know There's plenty of time to see the other side Remember we die, but until we arrive Don't let go, just let the light shine from your soul Before we run out of time, remember we die"
    Aug 3

  • NekoCurryXS Do you like your chicken dry or moist?
    Apr 2

  • Isaiahlovespizza People with Snapchat hit me up with your name
    Jul 22

  • BEPARTOFTHEPROBLEM Ok so my friend asked if I had an insult for everything... the answer yes yes i do [insert Phineas and Ferb meme here]
    8 hours ago

  • Hhyj Ordered my custom bored feelin dope
    Wed at 4:34 PM

  • Mujihina Finding out the difference between dependency and addiction: "So what you're saying is, i have a problem that creates inconveniences but the inconveniences just aren't inconvenient enough for any assistance?" *slow nod* "Well I guess i'll use substnaces in my own controlled yet codependent manner. Thanks."
    Wed at 11:32 AM