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  • ScarredPhoenix I'm not sure whether to take this as an insult or a compliment but I just got told that when I take my walk towards hell someone is going to stop me and tell me I'm going the wrong way 
    Aug 17

  • Mujihina Watched the eclipse high... felt totally life changing and ordinary all at once. 
    5 hours ago

  • KTenshi Any gamer nerds here?
    Aug 20

  • Bloodmoon Back from walking to the store during the eclipse :3
    4 hours ago

  • HaileyStorm I say goodbye With the april and summer blooms dying by my side The time has come to kiss the warmth goodbye No more mr. sun or happy times No more freedom No time for rhymes I sit and ponder what our lives even accomplish If accomplish we don't we die unremembered To live To die Who cares If you aren't famous you don't live on And if you are you live on a painful legacy To hate To love What has this world become?
    Aug 20

  • hanna Beep booo beep ●´ω`●)
    2 hours ago

  • MommyCheesecake Imma go take shots of Bleach while staring directly at the sun. 
    5 hours ago

  • Bjorn Compliments are pointless. Just makes you look beta and thirsty for some twatsicle.
    Jun 23