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How to save the world

People are destroying the world and themselves. What would you suggest be done about it?
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  • NiceDemon
    NiceDemon Sorry about the cut off points, the answers are - 1 give them merciful end (kill them) 2 Save them by drugging them with something that makes them vulnerable to suggestion (they then worship me as god) 3 educate them that there is a better way (might not ...  more
    May 8
  • patrickboy8659
    patrickboy8659 show them proof of the better way and when you can't convince them ask others there are people who will and they need to stand united together before others will follow people are just like sheep after all always following the crowd there are exceptions of course
    May 8
  • SeizeTheMemesOfProduction
    SeizeTheMemesOfProduction By seizing the means of production.