• deadrailfan

    Should i buy my myself a 300 dollar model

    Posted by deadrailfan April 4 - 10 votes - 32 views
    Im thinking of buying a Tower 55 ES44DC (locomotive) for 300 bucks who thinks i should buy it
  • SexyPuddleOfTears

    What should I do for my birthday?

    Posted by SexyPuddleOfTears April 4 - 5 votes - 35 views
    My birthday is on a Tuesday this year (May 2) and I'll be 22. I go to school in the "middle-of-nowhere" Wisconsin but live in Chicago. My birthday is pretty close to finals but i still wanna do something. But not sure what. I have a few ideas, but if anyone has other ideas let me know!
  • Derek

    Are you transgender

    Posted by Derek March 29 - 27 votes - 87 views
    There seem to be a lot of transgender people on this cite, are you transgender?
  • PoisonIvy

    Do you love Mtn Dew?

    Posted by PoisonIvy March 24 - 11 votes - 53 views
  • SeraphOfTheEnd

    be my friend

    Posted by SeraphOfTheEnd March 22 - 16 votes - 94 views
  • SexyPuddleOfTears

    Winter Break Vacation 2017-18

    Posted by SexyPuddleOfTears March 21 - 8 votes - 51 views
    Planning on saving up to go on vacation over my winter break next year. Not sure wjere to go though.
  • Yoyoiie

    Which name? _

    Posted by Yoyoiie March 18 - 5 votes - 35 views
    Need a name for a Trader character. This character is male and trades jewels, cloth. materials etc across various islands.
  • Yoyoiie

    Mayor name idea?

    Posted by Yoyoiie March 17 - 3 votes - 68 views
    Okay so, I'm working with my friend on a visual novel and we are both arguing over the name of our mayor character. Which name do you think would suit a fantasy mayor running a little village?
  • Hentai


    Posted by Hentai March 16 - 8 votes - 105 views
  • nightowl

    Profile Me.

    Posted by nightowl March 16 - 9 votes - 69 views
    which seems most like me?