• supernova1357

    Favorite Band

    Posted by supernova1357 Wed at 11:01 AM - 14 votes - 16 views
    Out of the following choices which are you most likely to listen to on a daily basis?
  • Redthescottishpsycho

    Relationship status

    Posted by Redthescottishpsycho Mon at 7:18 PM - 19 votes - 12 views
    should they add the option to type your own one rather than pick the ones they provided in the settings?
  • jellyfishalii

    add my snapchat

    Posted by jellyfishalii Mon at 8:46 AM - 0 votes - 15 views
  • jellyfishalii


    Posted by jellyfishalii April 23 - 1 vote - 10 views
    hi iii im new and im bored and wanna meet people
  • Bandlover

    wanna be frens

    Posted by Bandlover April 16 - 9 votes - 30 views
    IDK in real life I only have 2 'real friends' so maybe we'll be internet frens?
  • SexyPuddleOfTears

    Bears Vs Packers

    Posted by SexyPuddleOfTears April 10 - 2 votes - 27 views
    Those who are from the midwest and are familiar with the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers rivalry: I just randomly saw a guy at the food court at my school wearing a Packers sweatshirt... which made me kind of want to buy some kind of Bears clothing item even though I don't even like football. (I'm originally from Chicago but go to school in Northern Wisconsin.)
  • Proxy

    Relasionship Help??

    Posted by Proxy April 6 - 16 votes - 67 views
    I'm stuck in a rut on if i should try and get into another relationship. You guys wanna help?
  • MaliDamian

    Street fight

    Posted by MaliDamian April 5 - 4 votes - 38 views
    so you see two people get into a fight, what do you do
  • SeizeTheMemesOfProduction

    Seize the means of production

    Posted by SeizeTheMemesOfProduction April 4 - 3 votes - 29 views
  • deadrailfan

    Should i buy my myself a 300 dollar model

    Posted by deadrailfan April 4 - 10 votes - 26 views
    Im thinking of buying a Tower 55 ES44DC (locomotive) for 300 bucks who thinks i should buy it