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This is so disgusting. She/he literally has more nudity in the profile pic than I have in my entire account and literally called me a slut for no reason. This is so pathetic and childish. I wish I could report but he/she is on private.
  • Carti
    Carti They did that before to someone for no reason. Just ignore it.
  • JackOfAllPlagues
    JackOfAllPlagues Whether it's a real person or a troll, they act mentally unhinged. The best anyone can do is immediately block if they see their name in the members tab. The admins need to make it where we can report private profiles, if they are a troll then they have...  more
  • DominiCane
    DominiCane trolls are nothing more than bored, sexless, dumb, idiots.....
  • Tokyo
    Tokyo Just take a crap on their head