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  • wiking
    wiking holmes was in my opinion worse and way more dangerous than gein, holmes was a mix of a brutal serial killer with the mind of the best and brightest businessman, combining his complete and total lack of empathy and sympathy with his opportunistic mind is...  more
  • wiking
    wiking with everything set up to look as inconspicuous as possible from the view of the guests of the hotel but on the inside of the walls a super efficient conveyor style murder INC set up where everything worked as a factory conveyorbelt, the victims fell...  more
  • wiking
    wiking another lesser known serial killer was the S bahn killer, he specifically targeted women because he loved to frighten and scare them but eventually moved onto killing them when scaring wasnt enough to get his high and ontop of his weird targeting all...  more
  • DominiCane
    DominiCane I would say in terms of modern serial killers HH Holmes is at the top of the list. One of the reasons why is that he was just about the only serial killer able to make money off almost all of his victims. He would scam their insurance ( which is what put...  more
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