• Are you a Lion or a Sheep

    Posted Thu at 1:48 AM by False

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    What I see playing out in our society concerns me. It’s indisputable there is growing interest in nutrition as medicine, supplements, meditation, yoga, avoiding harmful chemicals, acupuncture, etc. Howeve Read More...

  • I don't know , not anymore

    Posted Tue at 4:48 PM by JustAFiend

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    Well, I've been dealing with a bunch of stuff recently, like my whole life has been falling apart, especially my "bond" (not really) with my parents, they ruined their chance to actually get to know me when I was like... Read More...

  • Sometimes I Feel...

    Posted Nov 19 by EmoBlackHeart

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    Sometimes I feel like I’m floating in some sort of black void where nothing but darkness surrounds me. I wish some one could grab my hand, pull me out, and not let go. Is that strange? Should I get over myself? Am I mak Read More...

  • Lonely, depressed or bipolar

    Posted Nov 19 by GhostQue3nx

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    These feelings/mood swings are kicking my ass, and i feel like there's nothing i can do but sit and wait for them to pass by, but lately i cant wait.... Id be normal then id be pissed off then the next day im fine until Read More...

  • This Is Shit

    Posted Nov 19 by EmoBlackHeart

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    So for some reason.. I can seem to understand why God has placed me in this world. If he knew I wasn’t strong enough yet, why would he have put me through all the things that he has put me trough? I was just at My youth Read More...

  • May You Rot In Hell

    Posted Nov 19 by icybones

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        Every so often I'll scroll down a biological family member's Facebook. I don't know why maybe...I want to see what they're up to or if they're even still alive. You think I joke on the last part, but it's Read More...

  • On Lil Peep, Stigmas. Addictions

    Posted Nov 18 by icybones

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        I wanted to write this particular blog because it deals with very serious and often times undermined, & a glorified problem that not just America deals with but other countries as well. However, since I h Read More...

  • Trust Oblivion

    Posted Nov 18 by EmoBlackHeart

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    I’ve realized a few things in this past month. I’m not going to meet someone, I don’t have any friends, I can’t trust anybody, and my mom can be a real bitch but, none of those things really matter when I think about it. Read More...

  • Hey I’m New

    Posted Nov 18 by EmoBlackHeart

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    Hey I’m new here(obvi) and I just wanted to tell y’all a little bit about... well... me. I like writing and I do a lot of stories and stuff. My chats open for just talking or RP. (Soz if that sounds creepy but my fren go Read More...

  • Why I Have Strict Views On Sex

    Posted Nov 17 by icybones

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        After writing my blog What Do Guys Want? I decided to go into more detail about why I am the way I am in regard to engaging in sex or foreplay with a guy. I feel it's only fair to share my side with you a Read More...