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  • what colors they wanted to use for the collaboration

    Posted Sep 15 by JoJosephon


    SportRx , makers of custom prescription sport sunglasses and snow goggles for athletes, is proud to introduce the new limited-edition Oakley/SportRx Flak 2.0 XL . SportRx is Oakley’s No. 1 optical account. The excl Read More...

  • adidas ultra boost women uk sale

    Posted Sep 15 by JoJosephon


    Time to turn in the slides adidas pharrell shoes uk sale and flip-flops as we say goodbye to the summer heat and prepare for the cooler months ahead. Arriving in a fall-ready colorway, adidas Originals‘ c Read More...

  • the new global ambassador of German jewellery

    Posted Sep 15 by JoJosephon


    British singer Rita Ora has become the new global ambassador of German jewellery and watch brand Thomas Sabo. Known for her creative style and individuality, thomas sabo charms sale online the singer will be th Read More...

  • Why You Should Wear Breathable Fabrics

    Posted Sep 15 by JoJosephon


    The days of it being acceptable to nike mens shorts clearance turn up to the gym in old, sweat-laden band t-shirts, baggy three-quarter length cargo shorts and tennis shoes are well and truly over. Gym clothes Read More...

  • keep it locked right here

    Posted Sep 15 by JoJosephon


    Unique. Versatile. Relentless. adidas shoes womens Those words can all be used to describe 2018 NBA MVP and five-time All-NBA First Teamer James Harden, and they also apply to his newest signature shoe, the adi Read More...

  • THE ONE GEM THAT FATE HAS My SOUL.............

    Posted Sep 11 by Angeldark32

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    You have torn me a part. and now i am like s soulless ghost i am wanting my true..................................... love . Always wondering about you my precious gem without knowing our fate your beauty even brings the Read More...

  • The one i let go

    Posted Sep 11 by Angeldark32


    To the one I let go,It's been so long... you will never come back to me. It's been too long, but why does it feel like you're here with me now? Why do you haunt me, when I try to forget you? The feeling of you never stop Read More...

  • Life

    Posted Sep 10 by RaymondSkoll


    This website is where I found many friends and myself... I spent many years on emowire talking to people... helping people and just being here with all of you people... I miss that. I just wish I could go back and save a Read More...

  • Emotional

    Posted Sep 4 by LifelessDoll

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        I don't know what to do to make others see me the way I want them to... Life was so much easier when I was invisible to everyone and when my heart was cold. But now that I've welcomed someone into my life i Read More...

  • Shy

    Posted Aug 30 by Starlight

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    I have really bad ainexty  and i am very shy this happen all my life in 5th grade it became worst i became suicdal but i am only a emo teen this year i lost so many emtions no one loves or they are to old hehe

  • 2019

    Posted Aug 22 by Damascus218

    3 Comments 2 Likes 43 Views

    This has been the worst year of my life since 2015. My life briefly got better around 2016 - May 2018, but it devolved back into shit in March of this year. As for June - December 2018, that was just a time of extreme he Read More...

  • I suck

    Posted Aug 19 by punkboydarius


    Why do I bother

  • Graveyard Wonderland

    Posted Aug 16 by ScarlettMassacre666

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    Fuck Netflix and chill, let's do a graveyard and chill. 

  • albert

    Posted Aug 15 by bubbs

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    so i wasn't going to write about you   But i love you so fucking much and seeing you so broken breaks my heart You're my life and she broke you today   It was like hearing you died and I can't even look Read More...

  • him

    Posted Aug 12 by bubbs

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    I often wonder why reality is so harsh. I'm getting closer to you through all the stupid shit we do   In band and online we're wasting our time it's really nothing new i'm getting closer to you   You'd Read More...

  • my fault

    Posted Aug 2 by nhmchl

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    all  my life ive been wondering why is all this happening to me? why am I going through all of this if i never did anything wrong? well, now i know why i was suffering so much: it was all my fault. i cant remember Read More...

  • Lryics/Poem

    Posted Aug 1 by Hayden


    (Verse)  Do i have to make you hate me To tear our  fate apart,  Do i have to break your heart to forget the pain,  Over and over again Do i have to cut my veins up,   To get you out o Read More...

  • Reality

    Posted Jul 30 by FaithIsJesus

    1 Comment 46 Views

    I see the sea wall, and I see it cracking. Before I can react the wall is broken, and I'm flooded in this icy sea.    As I'm flooded, all there's left to do is drown.  Frozen.   I guess I shou Read More...

  • For all the sad folk.

    Posted Jul 29 by NoSnoKing

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    The ones who actually live under scene/goth/emo and have no problems, such as you got a fucking job and you're successful but still enjoy the culture, you're all fine. However for the others, get your heads out of your a Read More...

  • The Black

    Posted Jul 15 by MyFriendsAreTheDemonInMYHead

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    My mind is so bleak and I feel so numb.Sometimes I feel something and I am ok but most of the time I just have a darkness screaming in my head. I can shut it out and it scares me. I wish I can be happy but I am sad. I wi Read More...