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  • The Essential Emo Poem

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael


    I have no memories of innocence Of bright white light and amnesty A shattered child twirling knives With ribbon wrists, slashed to ribbons heart Hoping that the world would blow away   If my first words were m Read More...

  • Sad Bloody Poetry entry 9

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael

    Why do I want to die On a winter’s day Coughing blood upon the Snow as it buries me? To die to the sound of loud music Drowning out all the screaming  All around me?   For six years I’ve lis Read More...

  • Sad Bloody Poetry entry 8

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael


    At ten I came to conclude There was no man in the sky A sea of slings and arrows against it And when this sullied flesh collapses There’ll be nothing left when I die   I live in constant twilight Biding Read More...

  • Sad Bloody Poetry entry 7

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael

    They say life’s a journey but is it anything worth? If life’s a journey, I’m on a formula track Back again and again, faster each time, but If I’m going in circles, is there a way out?   Read More...

  • Sad Bloody Poetry entry 6

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael

    Another cup of coffee and I’m not on my way to sleep But every second is one closer to the grave Last week I was doing well I Might have gotten it together     And fallen apart again Some Read More...

  • Sad Bloody Poetry entry 5

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael

    Back pressed to grey concrete Black wool trench coat looks like nothing Under four-thousand kelvin LED streetlights Installed to make it look like day at night You never get any sleep   It’s 265 kelvin a Read More...

  • Sad Bloody Poetry entry 4

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael

    Die with a gun in your hand Die within a grin on your face Die because you couldn’t care For the future you don’t care for anyway And at least you could do something good This way Die because it was easier T Read More...

  • Sad Bloody Poetry entry 3

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael

      It's five and still The red waves don't pound my eyelids Into stupor As I did those birds  With a gun    The "next Musk" wants To plan hits and move coke for the Electric mob  The next Read More...

  • Sad Bloody Poetry entry 2

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael

    Live behind amber glass The show goes on in stages First the rising action Childhood in smiles Smiling abuse with silver Tongued whips crack Splitting the dura like A street in an earthquake The antagonist with Read More...

  • Sad Bloody Poetry, entry 1

    Posted Jan 26 by LuciAzrael

    Splashes of red on terraced mountainside Lycoris Radiata in full bloom The flower of death Japanese Spider Lily   The wind pulls me, grabbing my coat To the river in the valley, fed by snowmelt Untouched by h Read More...

  • BackTrack

    Posted Jan 17 by Vega


    "Forget those memories, we'll create new, better ones!" "Nobody wants to hear about the good times you had with bad things or bad people." "I dunno, I guess I'm just feeling sad."  "It's called SELF-esteem, not Y Read More...

  • Cycle

    Posted Jan 13 by Vega


      "You just have to be honest, without so much passion. Otherwise you burn them out. Or yourself." The conversation stood silent, a familiar silence. Pacing back and forth, wanting to think out loud.  He cut Read More...

  • Emo boyfriend/MeetMe rant

    Posted Jan 8 by Badliar26

    1 Comment 92 Views

    Hey everyone I am Alex and this is my first blog so I wanna get started with my meet me rant for those of you that don’t know meet me is a friend finder/streaming app it has been around for a long time and when I was in Read More...

  • 8 different types of emos

    Posted Jan 7 by Gothemo12


    welcome back suicidal thoughts ; no time long see by unknown 1.The hardcore emo  music is usually intense , screaming music with distorted guitars where you  can't locate the notes.Xd  Does not "ra Read More...

  • How to dress emo in 2020

    Posted Jan 2 by Gothemo12


      Since MCR is finally back together once again and making new albums we will see more emo walking around once again.To be emo you will have to follow these clothing rules to be considered emo 1.put lots of founda Read More...

  • My rant !

    Posted December 31, 2019 by Cory6789

    1 Comment 121 Views

    So I was talking to one of my friends on here and she was telling me about this girl who I’m not going to name but her name starts with an S anyways she was telling me how she was telling her how she has sex with her dog Read More...

  • Monologuing

    Posted December 30, 2019 by Vega


    It's just good to have someone to talk to. Even if that somebody is... Me.  Thinking aloud to myself tends to become a conversation with random gestures and 'camera looks'. Ya know when the main character breaks th Read More...

  • shbknmxb

    Posted December 29, 2019 by LocalLoser


    WHY DOES EVERY FUCKING THING I DO MAKE ME ANXIOUS. EVEN THE STUFF I ENJOY HJDNGKFBMV  For instance, color/winter guard. I reached my dream of making varsity in middle school but know everything i do intimidates m Read More...

  • Im baaaaack

    Posted December 29, 2019 by LocalLoser


    Hey Rats,      I completely forgot i had this account becuase... marching band. ANYWAYS im back bitches and i think i might have glowed up slightly jsngdk. so yeah,,, get ready for my face  

  • Depression

    Posted December 29, 2019 by EmoWolf052601

    1 Comment 25 Views

    I tend to realize, as humans we need depression to allow us to build community. When it comes down to it, depression is what allows us to bond with one another. By creating connections with one another we never knew we h Read More...