I Love

  • I love my girlfriend Mag, she is the light of my life and the one precious thing that keeps me going

    I love my best friend Marian, who made me smile, laugh, and feel happy; I miss her dearly

    I love animals, adorable fluff balls that make even the most cold hearts melt

    I love life, and the many things it throws at me everyday

    I love nature, and the beauty it provides to the world

    I love anime, for changing my childhood into something amazing and changing my perspective on good story telling

    I love to laugh, because it gives me joy in the darkest of days

    I love to create, because I always want to share a part of me with the world, even if they are appalled by my macabre and beautiful vision of what I see in the world and what I create from being inspired by something

    I love to play games, because I love to experience new worlds and immerse myself in its universe even it was for just a moment

    I love metal, because it shows the true power of poetry and creativity through heavily symbolic lyrics and visual styles that speak volumes to what they perform

    I love to read, because I love to see new stories and new ways of imagining worlds and character developments that feel almost real

    I love to collect, shelves and desks full of action figures and plushies of things I like

    I love to be a nerd, because I love learning new things about anything from games to books to animations, as well as giving people the knowledge to become interested in things I like

    I love my family, because in the end of all the fighting and arguing, they give me support in doing what I do

    I love my friends, because they always are there for me

    I love different cultures, because experiencing another person's way of life always keeps me intrigued in the world around me

    I love being nice, because I don't enjoy watching others suffer in silence

    I love to help, even if my help is useless, I still volunteer for those in need

    I love those of you who give a shit if I am still alive, because you make me enjoy being who I am and help me see how much I matter

    Until Next Time Guys, Stay Amazing ;)