5 romantic places for couples in Vietnam

  • Vietnam is a beautiful country which has a lot of breathtaking scenery for anyone who looking for something very special. It is a romantic chance to spice up your relationship or more simply, you can walk hand in hand with your lover in a quiet and romantic place. A wonderful island or a peaceful old town can make you feel there are only two of you in the world. And here are just a few of suggestions about destinations which you can visit with your darling when you travel to Vietnam.

    Sapa - The way to heaven gate
    Located in the northwestern of country, Sapa is one of the best choices for couples when visiting Vietnam. Undoubtedly, Sapa has the magnificent beauty of nature, the unique food, outstanding scenery and the fresh cool atmosphere. The best time to visit Sapa is winter, especially from September to November. You will have chances to see the valley of rice terraces nine golden, floating clouds, beautiful mountains and hill behind the flog and so on.According to some Vietnam motorcycle tourists, Silver Waterfall, Fansipan mountain, SaPa market and ethnic villages are the best places in Sapa that you should not skip.

    Dalat – The city of love
    People call Dalat as “Le Petit Paris” because this hillside resort town can fulfill your flower city dream with the unique lifestyle in Vietnam. It is absolutely an ideal hideaway place for couples, where you can wander hand in hand on streets lined with pine trees, contemplating classic attractiveness of French colonial houses, the strawberry gardens and breathtaking beauty of Lang Biang, the valley of Love. Owning a cool climate and romantic scenery, Dalat - the “mist city” will certainly fill the visit with sweet and romantic things for the couples.

    Hanoi – The heart of Vietnam
    Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam is a perfect choice for the lovers because of high-end hotels and restaurants, attractive museums, and cultural diversions. This city is an elegant blend of French architecture with royal legacies and artisan influences. Hanoi is very famous for many poetic and picturesque streets. Especially, the beauty of them changes when the season changes, which generate different beauty for Hanoi in period of time. For example, Thanh Nien, Phan Dinh Phung, Hoang Dieu or Kim Ma street are considered the wonderful place to have a dating for couples.

    Hoi An – The ancient town
    The quaint village atmosphere complete with art galleries, cheap tailors and many bars and restaurants make Hoi An become a popular destination for tourists, especially for couples. Visiting Hoi An, you can forget the tiredness and worries of busy everyday life here when spend time with your lover and get away from the bustling city traffics. In this town, everything is moving at a very slow pace, and every little moment of your experience here are enjoyed. The best time to take a Vietnam motorcycle tour to Hoi An is from February to May, when the weather is mild and warm with the clear and blue sky.

    Mai Chau – The rustic charm
    Located in the North of Vietnam, Mai Chau is a place that a romantic destination list can not miss. The breathtaking view of rice fields will make your heart be melted to soft and gentle. It is a natural color of combination with bursting fields, green mountains, red-brown, narrow land paths, blue sky and wooden traditional stilt houses. And do not forget to visit Ban Lac – a picturesque village which has a quite and peaceful lifestyle. To fulfill dream of discovery with your lover, go to Mai Chau, and you can explore the uniqueness of traditional culture of ethnic minority groups here.

    If you want to find a place where you can have beautiful and romantic memories with your lover, do not hesitate to take a Vietnam motorcycle tour and experience the amazing world out there together.

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