New boyfriend

  • I found a business man over tinder and some how things worked out. He is tall, educated, well off, and rounded in verious subjects. So the question i have is why the hell would he like me? What could I possiblely have done to make him thimk that I should be his girlfriend? I try not to over think it because I like him so much that I dont want to jinx it. However we don't have much in common and I often feel not up to par. I like it when he shows me his true personality when hes cuddly when he is excited over clients, schedules, and various information, its genuine. But often he turns to a very stern, reserved sense of enviorment and when he does this he is hard to read. On one had its quite a mystery on the other its simply painful. You can feel the tense air around us and when this happens I wonder if he is thinking of his Ex, comparing me? what was she like? How did he act arround her? While for me this relationship might be a step up. For him would it be a step down? I dont like to think this way becaue I am the one who told him. You can love many people in different ways. and i coaxed him to answer weather he liked me more than her at this time and he said yes. I feel like this is true for the most part. It felt so quickly that he asked me and it also felt like it might be a rash decision in serch for companionship. If this is so then it is true for me to. I feel he cares for me and i care for him however it is also true that we know almost next to nothing about each other. I some how feel excited to get to know this man and he said he would fight for this relationship so I will put in effort as well. 

    I Think I'm just unsure of his intentions. 


  • deadrailfan
    deadrailfan Well I wish you the best of luck
    Just becarful cause he seems to be a business tycoon like dude so keep your eyes open to that
  • killthesin
    killthesin Hey thanks for the concern i appreciate that and will do my best to keep a watchful eye.
    Jan 18
  • deadrailfan
    deadrailfan Your welcome
    And trust me when I say this his mind has $ money on it and if push comes to shove I know a good way to win him over
    Jan 18