• baby dont let them hold me back
    i cant be bonded by these chains
    you know i need to be free
    i have to soar the skies of heaven and excavate the bottom of hell
    you promised me if i loved you that you would grant me life
    to live and unfold by my own hand
    i dont want to be stuck here seeing this same darkness that is soon to be my fate
    i refuse to believe it
    i deny to look at the moisty emptiness i soon developed after my heart has been ripped out of me
    you....promised me
    i trusted you
    fuck you!

    i hate your fucking guts
    leaving me here to rot
    you must think im nuts
    because i thought twice before i shot
    gave you my all and you betray me
    i want to see you burn
    no, i will see you burn
    im going to watch you suffer like your watching me now
    do you hear me?
    once i get out
    im going to hunt you down like the heartless animal you are
    you no longer have a purpose in this world except to feed the wolves
    with your carcass and may your bones be home to maggots
    watch...when i break these chains
    im coming after you with full force
    love wont stop me
    for im the true dragon sin of wrath