The Black

  • My mind is so bleak and I feel so numb.Sometimes I feel something and I am ok but most of the time I just have a darkness screaming in my head. I can shut it out and it scares me. I wish I can be happy but I am sad. I wish I could be ok but I am not. Nothing in my mind is ok. But then again what is normal and sane? Honestly everyone has issues and shit they have to figure out. My struggle can be others as well. We are not alone in this war between the people we want to be and the person we are. Its a battle that is won everyday we are alive. The battle is an ongoing but It will pay off hopefully. My goal is not to be normal cause fuck that! My goal is to be happy more than I am sad and I am winning slowly. THis ground I am standing on is becoming mine again. Just hold onto the light wherever and whoever it is. I wont give up nor would I die from this. This the fight for my mind. I am taking it back!!