A way to the heart of a girl whom is made of glass (read and te

  • I need someone to say Fuck the scars and cuts on my wrist and legs

    I need someone to just be with me and stay for awhile

    Now I’m stronger then some with issues like mine

    But love would make me stronger

    If only someone would love me

    But I’m clingy

    I’m a freak

    My favorite kind of movies involve possession

    Overall my heart is broken probably beyond repair

    I just need a love that consumes me

    Fill my dark world with happiness

    I’m the type who thinks pain is beauty

    A monster deserves love too

    So does a freak like me

    My favorite thing in life is to sleep my life away

    As if my life has no meaning

    I may wait until someone turns my life around

    Make life worth waking up

    Make my smile show again

    But love does shatter people who are made of glass

    Knowingly I am the girl made of glass ready to shatter

    Maybe my monster is out here shedding his skin

    But love can shatter so these walls around my heart won’t break down until my charming monster is found


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