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Insanity inside us all.

  • "The very definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over, and over, and expecting different results."

    I hear this a lot in my life, and yea, words have more than one meaning, which is confusing. A legal definition dictates that "insanity" is being incapable of telling right from wrong, or in extreme cases people most likely think of, being completely detached from the perceived reality of others. In truth, insanity isn't black or white, there's different degrees it can manifest, and also in different aspects. The one thing that stands true, is one's perceptions, or beliefs deviating from what is considered reality. It's also true, as one may be considered insane, their beliefs may be true, as insanity is seen from those who disagree. The man who believed someday we could fly may have been called insane, even to a dangerous degree, and yet planes became a reality. Insanity is a tricky concept, in some cases void of any rational or logic, and in some cases a person willing to believe what no one else will. Faith itself is another word for insanity, as there's no proof or evidence, no real logic, faith is belief despite the absence of knowing.

    To some degree, we are all insane, as our insanity exists right alongside our sanity. As much as we know gravity pulls us down, we reach to the skies as if we could fly. Without insanity, we'd never have reach the moon. Without some degree of insanity to believe what never has been could someday be, we would all remain stagnant in what we know. Not only is insanity inside us all, it's perhaps a crucial aspect that makes us human, makes us artists, creators, innovators, capable of literally changing reality itself. Yes, insanity is a complicated topic, someone may be ill minded, or a genius beyond anyone else's comprehension, though no person can judge, only god, the universe, and time can dictate the validity of one's thoughts and faith.