• Don’t name your child something just because you think it looks pretty or unusual, without knowing the meaning of the name or word.

    My mother in law is an officer in the American Legion Auxillary, and is involved in our state’s “Girl’s State” conference, sort of a “future leaders” thing for high school girls. When doing the entrance interviews one year, she noticed one girl used a first initial only- C. Rose Smith. My MIL asked her about it, since it’s unusual for anyone in this generation to do so, and even more unusual for women to do it- she mentioned her own father had done so because he hated that his first name was “Claude” so he went by his middle name “Richard”, but for official purposes used C. Richard Doe.

    The girl got very embarrassed, and said it was because her mother gave her a first name she thought “looked pretty”, but didn’t know the meaning of. The poor child’s name was actually Chlamydia.


    Sarah Geer