Is this okay!?!

  •  I have to take a bunch of annoying prerequisites for college and theater is one of them, I was sitting in class and near the end of the lecture the profeser tells us all his "acceptable pronouns" which were he him and his. At first I was confused as to why he was telling us this because I'm pretty sure most people would have called him that anyway since he was clearly a man. Then he goes on to say that we're not allowed to use "gendered words" in his class because they are "oppressive". We're also not allowed to use slang terms that suggest gender like "you guys" or "dude" because it implies that everyone you are talking to is male. We can't even say "his or her" because it is oppressive to people who don't fit either of those titles. To top it all off we're now not allowed to use job titles that might sugest someones gender like Actor, Actress, Fireman, Cleaning lady, Chairman, Chairwoman ect. Then he went on to call him self a hero. This is highly shorted by the way, his rant about genders went on for the rest of theater class. Do you think this was an okay thing for him to do in his class?


    WONDERLAND no that's fucking stupid. respecting peoples gender identities is good, but imposing such strict rules on ones entire class is rather *cough* oppressive
    Jan 9
  • WorthlessDreamer
    WorthlessDreamer I dont think thats okay. I dont necessarily think those words really ;oppress;. Theyre just common terms we use. I always say you guys no matter what gender Im talking to xD
    Jan 10