For all the sad folk.

  • The ones who actually live under scene/goth/emo and have no problems, such as you got a fucking job and you're successful but still enjoy the culture, you're all fine. However for the others, get your heads out of your asses, fucksake. Alot of whining about (ex) relationships, move the fuck on, tons more whining about "I don't have friends, no body likes me" then get the fuck outside and stop saying stupid creepy shit Fe: *thinking, I don't know what to say to make them like me...hhhhrrrrrr* *nervous racket* result --> "I killed a cat and kept one of it's paws so I could put it on a necklace". Blatantly obvious fault there. And the cutting, if that shit still even goes down as of 2019, move the fuck on, quit being a self-hated bitch. You want friends? Go outside and learn how to speak to people so you won't be shut up in your room 24/7 listening to some screechy screaming emo fucks attempting to sing fucking earrape. Just do something, simple. Get a job, go to the gym, run around a track, be productive and quit whining about everything.
    This is my one and only blog post ever on emowire, and won't be posting shit here anymore due to how dead it has become(technically it's been dead since I first joined) my opinion only, this site should just go down since it doesn't seem to be growing in the slightest.