• Why is a question I ask myself so many times, why did you leave? Why do I feel so useless? And such but as many times as I ask myself I am not answered, I don’t want to live anymore I feel nothing...I am just a former shell of who I used to be...I just wanna tell you how much you meant to me and how much I miss you...it hurts to awaken each day and look forward to the sun rising...cause in my world it is constantly raining there is no light in my darkened days...my heart is shattered like glass...the fractured pieces are all scattered around me...former memories so fond to me...I just want you back in my arms...so I can hold you...I don’t wanna let go of you...and I want you to whisper in my ear that it is okay...cause it hurts so much and I don’t know if I can continue without you...to me you were the stars in my sky...the light to my dark...the sunrise to my moon...i just wanna stop existing...please...it’s so painful to continue with each and everyday...I’m paralysed and I cannot move...the strings attached to my limbs are hanging me...I struggle but why do I? I should just stop struggling...


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  • NoSnoKing
    NoSnoKing Dont give up. I got stuck in basic training for 10months(shouldve been 4) because i got injured. I got shit talked, roasted, insulted personally/not personally, and fucked up by the meanest drill sergeants for 4 months straight. I thought i wasnt going...  more
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  • EarthAngelKimberly28523
    EarthAngelKimberly28523 Hi new here and just wanted to say everything will be okay! I am here to talk to you all if you want because I am no stranger when it comes to sadness myself I know you will heal from this believe me I basically made this account to help others on here...  more
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