• Sorrow is such a strong emotion overpowering, it can pin you to the ground by your throat. The funny thing is though I allow it to, it tightens around my like a blanket. It now shelters me from this wretched world, I am no longer the one I used to be.

    My hair is falling out now more and more every day, greying. As my skin which was once a natural colour has become dull and pale, my lips no longer plump like they used to be, now they are dry and faded. My eyes no longer have the light they used to have they’ve now become colourless.

    I am now deprived of sleep as I stare at the ceiling for countless hours, my body still and frail as I cover my ears no longer wishing to hear the voices of the past, no longer wishing to see anything. I merely wish to be laid to rest and be done with it. I no longer wish to live it is a endless cycle of the same thing everyday, get up, go out, come home, retreat to my room, and silence.

    Why is it that I have to suffer alone, when I once had a reason. I once had a pair of arms around me comforting and soothing which are no longer there now, tears fall down my cheeks like rain against a window pane as I type this, where is my sunshine? Where is my happy ever after? No where because it doesn’t exist life is not a fairytale but simply something we must live through well to that I say I shall decide when I want to die...and today shall be the day I end it all