Serial Killer In Boston?




    No one is talking about this. At least not in the right ways. 


    What do you think of when someone says the word "serial killer" to you? 


    Do you conjure up a man stabbing or shooting a victim (usually a woman) possibly raping her before the vile deed? Or perhaps you think of a woman who manipulates her lover into killing people or pulling an Aileen Wuornos. Whatever you make up in your mind when you hear the word, it usually will end in the victim's being female. Even if the killer themselves is a female. There's something to be said that most serial killers (not all!!) don't cross gender lines or race lines & even ages are in the same areas. Meaning if white females between 18-30 are winding up dead by the side of a road, the chances it's a white male between the ages of 25-35 is extremely high. Higher than say a seventeen year old black guy doing the deeds. Obviously this is not foolproof, there have been cases where gender, age & race have been blurred but the opposite is usually the case. You know what they say, "majority rules." Statistically, men are more likely to be serial killers & will usually choose female victims--not always mind you, there's been a few serial cases involving the murders of men & boys (think Dahmer, Gacy etc) & then of course you have the child serial killer who may kill either a boy or a girl. Usually, this type of thing is spoken about, it's talked about, the police warn the public (i.e. females or males) to be vigilant and careful when or if they suspect that murders or suspicious deaths may be linked & done by a sole person or person(s) 


    But what happens when no one is talking about it? When the lines haven't been "connected" & when the police chalk it up to "tragic accidents?" 


    What happens when it isn't young, pretty teenage girls or young women going missing or the five year old down the street, instead it's young men who are vanishing from a night out or even simply running errands or going home after work? 


    No one is really talking about this, so I am. 



    When I say no one is talking about this, I don't mean bloggers or people like me, there's a few blogs out about the missing young men in Boston Massachusetts. What I mean is that the police & even the FBI aren't concerned about it. Which is really, very shocking to me. I also want to make it clear that I am in no way saying for certain these cases I will show you are linked & that there is a serial killer roaming the city. It could be tragic cases & nothing more, accidents do happen unfortunately. I also do not possess the training or experience to tell you reading this that it is a serial. What I am, is a very concerned citizen at this point that has dug around on the web, read other news articles, blogs etc. & is very surprised that more people worldwide aren't aware of what is going on in my city. I also have a connection through another to one of these young men. Therefore, this is slightly personal to me & I also have cousins & brothers who like to go out for a night on the town. Again, I am not saying it is a serial killer, but I want to write about these cases & you as the reader, can make up your mind from the facts I give & decide if people like myself are right to worry or if it's truly all tragic accidents or even suicides as the police have been saying. What's concerning is these young men are vanishing & turning up dead in or around bodies of water, such as the Boston Harbor or the Charles River. 


    Here we go.


    Eugene Losik, age 25. Gene as he was known to friends & family is what started this for me. He was a friend of my older cousin & they'd gone to college together. Before Gene I was blissfully unaware of any missing young men past & up until I found out through my cousin a buddy of his had vanished into the night. According to Gene's long term girlfriend Caitlin McGovern the two with some other friends had gone to celebrate a friend's birthday party at a bar in downtown Boston, February 20th 2010. Gene had a few drinks, was in good spirits & according to Caitlin he wasn't "drunk" meaning he was probably tipsy somewhat but in full control of his motor skills, no slurring speech etc. She maintains had he been that drunk she wouldn't have left him or let him go off alone. Around midnight they headed back to the hotel they were staying at which was the Marriott Long Wharf, she decided to turn in, Gene decided to hang around, play some cards with his friends who were also at the hotel. Again, he appeared to be in a good mood & not severely intoxicated. At around 1:15am Gene went for a walk with a friend Rick Keilty & they returned unharmed & back to the room for another round of cards. At 2:24am Gene Losik was seen exiting the back of the hotel on the surveillance camera & it was theorized he had stepped out for a cigarette. That was the last image of Gene Losik alive. When Caitlin woke up around 6am & realized Gene had never made it back & when it became clear his friends nor family hadn't heard from him (his phone had died previously, out of charge) she filed a missing persons report at 11:30am. She did tell police his phone had died, he had about twenty dollars in his wallet & was unfamiliar with the area. A massive search went underway for Gene, his picture was plastered all over the city, on Facebook, his friends & family pleaded on YouTube, & the city news. I remember Caitlin making a tearful video about the situation, I watched it, it was heart wrenching. I remember how this affected my older cousin, it affected everyone who knew or met Gene personally or through a loved one who did. You just don't see this shit happen in real time, this is hollywood shit. For the first few weeks everyone held out hope that Gene had gotten lost, maybe hit his head & didn't know who he was because young, healthy men don't just vanish. They don't step out of the back entrance of a hotel for a smoke or whatever & just disappear without a trace.


    But Gene Losik did. No one had heard or saw anything, no witnesses came forward saying "Hey I saw him on so & so street!" or "Saw some guys roughing up a guy that looked like him!" There was nothing. It wasn't until November 11th 2010 that a body was discovered floating in the Boston Harbor near Rowes Wharf. It was badly decomposed at this point, but eventually on the 29th it was determined to be that of Eugene Losik. It was a crushing blow to his family, to Caitlin who had dreams of them getting married, to my cousin, to me. The cause of death was determined to be drowning. Even though police had initially scoured the waters of the Wharf where the hotel was located, they had found no evidence of Gene having been in or around that area. Due to the reports that Caitlin & friends had given the police when it had been a missing persons case, the police chalked it up to a tragic accidental drowning. Gene must have been drunk, got disorientated in an unfamiliar area where there are bodies of water at night & simply fallen in. Once he fell in, in his drunken state in freezing water, he had succumbed to the elements & drowned. A tragic case of alcohol, cold & unknown territory. That's what police believed to have happened because there was no evidence of foul play, no eye witnesses that saw or heard a struggle etc. However, so much time had elapsed, the water would have certainly done away with any forensic evidence, & if his body hadn't been discovered right away when they searched the wharf around the hotel...well...where had Gene gone then to end up where he did? What would have propelled him to just walk away? Certainly, if he had wanted another walk, a friend would have accompanied him? Not for a smoke, but a walk surely? Add into the fact my cousin personally told me that "Gene was afraid of the water." He'd even been heard to remark as they had walked back to the hotel that "the water looked like tar." that he wouldn't go near it. So how does a young man afraid of the water, end up close enough to the edge of a wharf or pier to fall in?  To this day I believe it's still ruled an accidental drowning but it never sat well with me, I don't think it initially sat well with his family & girlfriend either. However, there's just no evidence to support anything other than Gene accidentally fell in & drowned. 


    This case was hard on my cousin & because of it, I didn't dig any deeper..I allowed the wounds to heal..but then more young men vanished. In very eerily similar circumstances. I soon realized that Eugene Losik wasn't the first young man to have disappeared like that & been found dead in or around a body of water in Boston. 


    & he wasn't the last. 



    John Daverio (49)  3/2003

    Dustin Willis (26) 3/2007

    William Hurley (24) 10/2009

    Eugene Losik (25) 2/2010

    David Mark (24) 2/2011

    Franco Garcia (21) 2/2012

    Jonathan Dailey (23) 10/2012

    Eric Munsell (24) 2/2014

    Josue Quispe (18) 10/2015

    Dennis Njoroge (21) 11/2015

    Zachary Marr (22) 2/2016

    & most recently to add to this tragic list: Michael Kelleher age 23. He vanished from a Celtics basketball game late March of this year, 2017. ( I believe it was the 29th) He had gone with a female friend & co-worker, had beer, got intoxicated (but not enough where he couldn't walk etc) & reportedly told his girl friend he was leaving a bit early & would meet her by her car. He wasn't there. According to cameras, you see him leaving the game, he's alone & doesn't appear to be under any duress. According to Uber, Kelleher had tried to call for one but failed to meet the driver. His family did report that he was intoxicated when he left the game. (unsure of how they know, perhaps he had called them?) His cell phone last pinged off a tower on a street in downtown Boston. He subsequently vanished into the night. I remember a week ago seeing his missing flyers around the city..& I remember with a sinking heart that he fit the age range, he fit the scenario (intoxicated, separated from his friend/group) I remember telling my mom without missing a beat that he was dead. Like you know something is going on when you see a missing flyer of someone & your first reaction is they're dead--not run away, not kidnapped, not playing a prank but fucking dead & you come to that conclusion because you've researched other cases that fit the profile & you're now asking yourself WHY ARE THE POLICE NOT PUTTING SHIT TOGETHER? 

    They recovered the body of Michael Kelleher this past Sunday, on Easter. He was found floating in the Charles River, drowned. Once again, unbelievably in my opinion, police chalked it up to an accidental death due to alcohol consumption. He was found exactly where I had personally theorized they would find him. If that's not scary & upsetting I don't know what is. 

    That entire list of young men with the exception of John Daverio who was 49, have all been young adult males, they've all been found dead, drowned in or around bodies of water. Take a look at the dates, I don't know about you reading this, but I see a pattern. The amount of young men gone missing & found dead & most under extremely similar circumstance when they vanished...I know accidents happen, I know suicides happen...but quite frankly, this is ridiculous. For any geographical area the number of young men found dead like this is enormous. The police chalk them all up to accidents due to drinking or even suicides. They claim that young men who drink are more prone to violence or suicidal impulses etc. While I don't disagree that mixing drugs or alcohol can heighten the dangers of an accidental death (especially if you aren't familiar with the area & Boston having a lot of water surrounding it in parts) Or can up the risk factor of suicide (liquid courage) I have a hard time in buying that all these deaths are just that. I even read that some of these men vanished coming home from work or running errands--where they intoxicated??? These are vulnerable young men for the most part whether it's impaired judgment from drinking or they're alone on a city street separated from friends  

    Let me ask, if these were women or girls...what do you think the public or police would think? Do you think it would be talked about more? Even if they were drunk or high, if they're pulling bodies of missing young women from rivers or harbors over this extended period..would the police be as quick to chalk them up to accidents or suicides?  The FBI claims it's not a serial because drowning doesn't fit a serial killer M.O. or whatever. Are you fucking kidding me? I would have thought way better of the FBI than that. But since they want statistic or whatever, statistically speaking males choose suicide by hanging or gun. Statistically speaking young men who are suicidal don't just fling themselves into a river & drown. Females are more prone to drown themselves as a suicide than men are--does it happen? Absolutely, I am not saying that suicide by drowning is strictly female, there are cases of males jumping off bridges into the water etc. If they're drunk & morose I would just assume these men could find easier ways of trying to attempt suicide versus falling into the water because they'd have to find a body of water where there are no witnesses & for a lot of these young men, they weren't familiar with Boston as a whole. Also, why go out with friends & drink & have a good time only to decide to kill yourself a few hours later? Why not just get drunk at home & do it? It just doesn't fit the "majority rules" pattern of suicides. Could some of them have been suicides? Absolutely! I am not professing that I knew these young men & their mental states etc but I am saying shit doesn't exactly add up. Same with accidents, they do tragically occur but the amount of accidents or suicides with the's a lot like I said previously. Where is the line drawn to the amount of bodies versus the amount of afflicted or too drunk & unfamiliar get made?


    How many more young men of my city have to go missing under similar circumstances before police or the FBI decide hey wait a second..something's not right here.. I have brothers & cousins who are the legal age to drink, who go out with friends, who I now am concerned about. 

    No one is really talking about this. TALK ABOUT IT. Share it, look into it, come up with your own theories. It needs to be talked about. This is horrifying to me. 

    Boys & men need to be protected just as much as women & girls & their disappearances or deaths need to be taken seriously & not just chalked up to accidents or suicides. Not having a direct pattern, link or whatever it is that makes cops & FBI think serial or not serial, doesn't need to be there for it to BE THERE. Again, this is my own personal opinion on the situation...but you have to agree it..does sound strange.

    If you live in Boston, have friends or family or are planning to visit & you are a young man that fits these ages...please, please be careful. Don't drink heavily, don't ever get separated from your group or friend. Please don't let friends, boyfriend or girlfriend go off alone either. This is sage advice for anyone of any age who is in a city or unfamiliar areas--or even if you are. 


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