DDLG & The Bitch


    I'm not well liked. This isn't attention seeking or me asking for your pity, it's a simple fact. I am not a well liked individual. It takes a special breed of person to enjoy my brash, outspoken, talks a lot, strong opinions personality. I certainly have two sides of me, maybe even more. I use to like to think of myself as a proverbial War Head. You know, that hard candy that's pretty fucking sour, but if you can keep sucking on it long enough it turns sweet. In all honesty, I feel that sums up my personality nicely. Other people have taken the saying "your best friend or your worst nightmare" in concerns to me. Still, others have simply called me a "bitch" "cunt" "bully" (if you can believe that one!) & others simply have enjoyed my personality right off the bat & think the world of me. However, a majority of people are rubbed the wrong way when they read my entries or interact with me. Mostly due to the fact I really don't give a fuck if I offend people. I operate on "agree to disagree" or debates/constructive criticism. Not everyone is going to like my personality or what I write. They aren't obligated to--however, it doesn't mean I will sit pretty with my mouth closed. That usually causes problems. On the flip side, I like to think that if you can handle my shit or have good debates with me etc. if you can forge a friendship with me..man, you might never get someone who will have your back a 110%, all the way. proverbial balls to the wall like I would be. I am loyal to a fault & I will often times drop whatever I am doing if a friend needs me or wants me. Yet...if people can't pull their heads from their asses or just decide to sees only the negative parts of me...then it is what it is. I make no apologizes & I won't change for anyone in this area. You either like me or you don't & the choice is 100% yours to make, I won't beg or be pissy about it. 


    Anyways, knowing that about me..you can guess that my personality has caused a lot of tension with a lot of different people both on & offline--it's also netted me some A+ friends though! One of these individuals was on another social site & I went head to head with her. For the record, I don't go out of my way to find someone to roast (apparently that's what it's called these days when you spotlight someone's bad behavior & call them tf out about it)  I also don't write a public entry about/to someone who did something dumb or something that doesn't affect me directly or isn't considered dangerous to others. (others could be my friends or users on the site) I also abstain from telling the person to "kill themselves" or any other extremely offensive things. Obviously, offense is a slippery slope, what is offensive to me may not be offensive to you or to the person; but for objectivity reasons, I would never say "I hope you get raped, or murdered." "I hope your family dies" etc. To me, there's a line I won't cross when I write a "roast entry" because A: I am a relatively decent person ha ha & B: it doesn't reflect good on me.  If I am trying to get a point across & I am saying things like that, my point might get lost & people will automatically classify me as a bitch--without actually reading & internalizing what I am really trying to say--& let me say, I am trying to make a fair point. I am not writing it out of boredom, to bully/harass (although this girl would disagree!) or to cause serious injury to the person. I am doing it because part of me hopes that the person will realize their disgusting behaviors regarding a situation(s) is harmful to others (possibly themselves) & they will stop. Also so that others will be aware of it & not feel so alone if they've felt slighted or hurt by what this individual has or is doing. Change only occurs when people or someone stands up & says "Hey! this is not okay!"  Of course, one of the biggest replies I get is: "Well, if that's the case, why are you publicly posting it & not just privately talking to them?" Obviously because I am a bully!--no. It's because in the past I have privately tried to talk to the person & it just results in a fight in DMs or I've seen myself & multiple other users politely ask for them to stop on dash & they refuse. I've noticed that people are more likely to be more self-conscious & self-aware of the shit they are saying or doing that's harmful..when they're fucking aware a lot of people can read about it. When you expose them publicly, sure, it can be embarrassing for them..but it can also lead them to recognizing that their shit doesn't fly under the radar. They're more likely to tone it down or stop when they're publicly called out versus not. Also, my biggest reply back to people who come at me for a "roast entry" is: "Well, what the fuck did you do to get my attention in such a way, where an entry about it was written?" Trust, when I say I don't randomly pick a stranger & write about them! My entries, if you all haven't figured it out by now, are long & fucking detailed. I cannot just pick a random person or someone who hasn't done something really shady or nasty & write a detailed entry about it. Doesn't work folks. As much as certain people like to victimize themselves & believe or want others to believe, that I am some bullying bitch who randomly targeted them for no good reason...it's honestly not true. I am fully within my rights to write an entry spotlighting them, I never crossed lines like "kill yourself" & I have never, ever advocated for a reader to attack the person. I have such a small ass platform & I am unpopular as is (at least on the site this situation occurred) that to assume or think my writings, harsh as they can be, I admit they aren't roses & sunbeams, correlates to a person I don't know attacking the person I "roasted" is laughable at best.  & thus, I am breaking no laws & I don't think it makes me a scummy person for it. That's my opinion that isn't always shared but it is what is fucking is. 


    These are the types of people I have "roasted" again, for some understanding for you reading this.


    I once wrote about a girl who tried pulling that manipulative suicide/self-harm bullshit on a good friend of mine, because he broke up with her. The end result of that was the girl herself DM'n me & actually confessing that what she did was wrong & that she wouldn't do that to anyone ever again. Once she said that to me, I left her the hell alone, no more entries were ever written because I succeeded in changing her outlook on what was acceptable & not acceptable to do to someone else. I stood up for my friend, I let people know that that type of manipulations were disgusting & unhealthy for the girl & unhealthy for my friend. 

    Obviously, I have "roasted" Castiel the catfish & the stealing of my writings. They've since left me alone (supposedly, I do wait for the "other shoe to drop" at times) 

    I have written "roasts" about that grown man now thirty, who stalked me, harassed me (he was a true harasser!) & warned everyone he had a penchant for online dating children & minors as young as fourteen! 

    I have written "roasts" about an individual who was actually a hypocrite, bully & mean-spirited to a variety of users, including myself. 

    I wrote a few were I didn't even tag the individual(s) it was purely me venting about some fucked up shit they did.


    Therefore, I hope you can see that I don't target random people or whatever. Like, if you're reading this & don't think at least one or two of these people deserved some choice "roasts" than I don't know man. 


    Anyways...the girl in question, whom I have referenced a little up top there..she's..as far as I am concerned pure scum. Again, my own opinion but basically the premise of our issues was a result of the fact this girl (she is 18) is into DDLG. (daddy dom little girl) A BDSM lifestyle where she "regresses" to being five-seven if I am not mistaken & her "daddy" aka boyfriend or partner "takes care of her as if she were actually that age." You getting that pedophile vibe? Hey, I get it, I can easily see how a lot of people would take that..especially if the two involved are having sexual relations with--something this girl claimed "wasn't what she did, she literally pretended to be a child & that was it" Now..it's not for me to judge where I am saying "OMG gross!" do I think it's weird? Oh yeah. Is it a kink or lifestyle I am so fucking not into? Absolutely. However, at the end of the day, what two consenting, 18+ individuals want to do behind closed doors..isn't my business. I do have my own opinions on it, I would never do it etc. but I wouldn't kink shame someone or lifestyle shame them based only on the fact I don't agree with it, like it or do it myself--that's just fucking dumb. By the way, a few keywords here: 18+ aka adults, behind closed doors. Those are important. The reason why I butted heads with this insipid bitch who has a face like a horse (bless, I try so hard not to use insulting words, but some people make it so damn hard) is NOT because she chooses to do DDLG---a fact I said many, many times in my entries to her & a FACT she simply couldn't get through her thick skull; probably because then she would lose her victimization grounding. It was because she, an adult yes, thus she can post or talk about what she wishes sexually or others in most cases (another keyword, most cases) was not only flaunting her lifestyle (spamming the dash with pictures of her sucking on her binkie, putting up grossly inappropriate DDLG pictures like "bath time princess!" "okay daddy!" *splashes you* "princess you got me wet.." "I guess you have to get me wet too daddy.." (insert heavy sexual implications) along with DDLG sexualized gifs--shit that should stay BEHIND CLOSED DOORS--but also because she was doing this on an all ages site. She was not only subjecting people, children, minors, adults to her sexual exploitation lifestyles that a lot of us didn't wish to be privy to & had asked her politely several times to tone it down...but she was actively encouraging users to partake in DDLG & BDSM. Because of this, I & others saw a massive influx of children (some as young as fucking 12!!) start openly claiming to be into DDLG. I saw older male & even a female teenagers & men (like Click) begin to take advantage of that. This wasn't an 18+ website, this wasn't a BDSM site either..she was essentially advocating for people (regardless of age) to venture into a subculture...that anyone who is honestly into, would be appalled. 


    BDSM is for adults, it is for people who have formed enough brain power & mentality to get involved in actives that may be dangerous, that have grown enough to trust their partner, who can make their own choices regarding it & a 12-15 year old doesn't have that mentality yet--hell 16-17 doesn't really. Children & minors should not be subjected to an adult promoting BDSM. Yes, they can go on porn sites, yes, they grow up fast these days proverbially speaking, but that's not the same as an adult uploading & shoving in their faces potentially harmful, sexual material. I will always maintain, if you would not go into a middle school classroom or even a high school & throw up BDSM/DDLG related material on the projection screen...you, as an adult, should have the foresight to not go on a site with children or minors & do it. We lose our innocence fast enough in this day & age, it doesn't need to be helped along by some asshole who can't get it through her fucking head that what she was doing was wrong. 


    She not only glorified DDLG, but posted knifeplay & bloodplay pictures & other BDSM things. To a point I saw a sixteen year old boy start claiming he was into knifeplay & uploaded pictures of himself holding a damn kitchen knife with the words stabby stab I love knifeplay--this was a guy who also claimed he was "crazy" "psychopathic" etc. Boy, the only knife he should ever be allowed near is when his mom or whoever is chopping veggies up & asks him to help. If you are self-diagnosing yourself as a "psychopath" you damn well shouldn't be trying to say you're "into knifeplay" like you actually have even an iota of what that entails with a partner. 



    But that was my point!!! This adult girl is encouraging this shit to a large, impressionable audience with no fucking care or maybe understanding?? of the consequences that could befall the children & minors whom she's trying to involve or "give a safe space to" What happens when a 14 year old gets an adult "daddy" who takes advantage of DDLG? What happens if Slap Happy Knife Dude there actually stabs someone during a sexual liaison? Because he doesn't understand the responsibility of safe knifeplay? What happens when you give that "safe space" to a child to sexually get involved with kinks or lifestyles well beyond their years? Or expose them to this type of material? It fucks up their life you fucking scum. It doesn't help them, in fact it has the opposite effect on them, even if they can't mentally see it at the time. It will screw them up in lust, love, relationships etc. I can be harsh, I can be a bitch, I can be blunt & people can hate me all the want...but the one thing people can't say is that I don't care about the welfare of a child or a minor. That I don't think on a level about their well-being or the emotional/mental ramifications something like this could have on them in the years to come. I also care greatly about individuals of any age who might have been raped or molested by their own father or a father figure, who are seeing these posts/pictures/updates she would constantly do & how it might affect them emotionally. There's a reason DDLG or BDSM is something you either wouldn't openly share with the world or you'd go to a specific site for it..because you don't know who you might be negatively affecting if you're on social sites that don't cater to that shit. It's something that is private or something you'd share with like minded people of adult age. 



    BUT HEY GUYS, I AM THE ASSHOLE! I mean, if you listen to her version, then I am a bitch who bullies people based on their lifestyles, I kinkshame them & I apparently don't care about how shit like that can affect them! She's the victim in all of this & fuck me, I am some kind of terrible cunt! Despite the fact most all of her supporters were under age & the fact I repeatedly told her I wasn't kinkshaming her, but I wanted her to respect the fact she wasn't on a site for the shit she was posting; that encouraging children & minors to explore that stuff just wasn't cool. She actually went so far as to make a fucking YouTube video about me! I know right, I am YouTube "famous" now, incredibly flattering! Or maybe I would be, if the bitch had tagged me in it (she uploaded it on the site without tagging me) & maybe if she had the fucking tits to say my name in the video. It's basically a 15 or 20 minute rant about the "haters" (I shit you not, she uses the word haters a bunch of times in it) but the main "hater" is yours truly. About five minutes into it, she talks about me & how "all I do is roast people in entries" "that I am a horrible person" That I am a "hater" I "hate her because she is into DDLG" etc. Basically, all the victimization, false information this horse-faced cunt could spew into the video she did. What really got me, was she got like 9 points on the thing & I thought to myself, "Have any of the people who gave her points for that erroneous, I am a victim video ever actually READ any of the entries I did about her???" Or are they literally that fucking stupid to think she's right & the many times I refuted her allegations prior to the video in exquisite detail & also why what she was doing was wrong, to actually believe her??? Or perhaps they're all children or minors or legit pedophiles who liked it because they don't know any better or want victims. One of her biggest things was "I should block her so I don't see her posts & that anyone who doesn't want to see them should block her too" & "all I do is write about people" both painting her as a victim. To that I say, someone under 18 years of age shouldn't have to BLOCK an ADULT from posting sexually harmful material..it is the adult's job to not post it in the first place & be aware of their audience. That's like telling a child whose parent or whoever is coming into their room at night to molest them, that "they should get a lock on their door to prevent it" instead of placing the blame on the adult & realizing that lock or not, they do NOT have a fucking right to enter that room & harm that child or minor. Don't fucking tell children & minors they need to block you & why don't you be a fucking decent human & not shove it in their face in the first god damn place? I mean am I typing in Latin or something? How is that a hard concept to grasp?? Furthermore, you all see how many entries I have here? I have the max, 50. I have to delete an entry to upload a new one...I had even more on that other site. There was about ten entries per page & I had like twenty or thirty pages...& maybe like fifteen were "roasting ones" (mainly to her or her supporters who came at me) do the math. Most of what I write about isn't "roasting someone" but if I do, you can bet your ass there's a fucking reason for it. 


    In the end, I am not well liked, because I don't shut up about shit I feel strongly about, because I don't let people mistreat me or others without calling them out. Being outspoken etc doesn't net me a lot of friends or Queen in the popularity contest; but do you really think I give a fuck about popularity? Or being able to count how many so-called friends  I have on all ten fingers & toes? If I did, I sure do a piss-poor job of it eh?


    They say "Be careful if you fall in love with a writer, they will write your praises & immortalize you; but woe be to you if you hurt them or betray them..because they'll write about that too." 


    Or if you hurt my friends or others, I'll fucking write about that too & you can write back or make videos about it all you want, but I won't back down. Maybe people are right, they rather I be on their side than against it. 



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