my love for the wind

  • I here symphony when the wind comes and when you come I dance to the flow of your rhythm and well I smile because your here .... at times I wonder if I'm crazy for falling in love with the wind but this isn't crazy I feel like this is real , like I'm walking on water or flying in the night while touching the bright stars but most would say its crazy an I need help .... I laugh to hide my sadness and fears and this is one of them .... no need for tears all I have to do is smile and walk away because my love for you is much more stronger then this and well people are like ants .... ants that just develop day by day and there's no way to bring them down unless you crush them with negativity and well I wont because its just me and you no one else but us .... I show no mercy for the cowards that walk this earth but .... I show mercy to you because I love you .... wind