Shit u may wanna know about me

  • I tend to cuss so get over it. I've been broken hearted a lot but now I'm dating the best bf ever. I'm violent minded. I luv meeting new people. I HATE SMUT and I will not WILL NOT send nudes or accept. U even try any of those on me I'm blocking and reporting u. here's some other stuff kinda depressing. I suffer anxiety and depression, I've cutted in my past but I'm clean now for idk how long, idk if I'll do it again but I'll try not to and I'm suicidal. SO PLZ BE GENTLE TO ME. I'll be friends with anyone as long as u respect me. Anywhos byes!


  • NekoCurryXS
    NekoCurryXS you dont know when youll cut again?‚Ķseriously. smfh. how bout you just cut something else up? maybe a book? or just punch a wall? or you can start stabbing the shit out of your pillow. you could even beat a dog or a cat or just a some house pet to make yo...  more
    Apr 19
  • LillyTheNeko
    LillyTheNeko Thx I'll try' those :)
    Apr 19