My black heart

  • it started as a friendship. the friendship grew more and more each day. The girl fell in love with her friend and asked him out. they ended up having an amazing relationship, that she hoped would never end. The girls heart that once had an empty whole in it and was black, was now filled. She woke up every day with a smile on her face excited to talk to the one she was happy to call hers. But then something happened. The young couple split. The girl was heartbroken, but she knew it would happen at some point. just not this soon. The girl felt empty. like her life had no meaning anymore. all she wanted to do was cry to let out her pain. She couldn't commit suicide cuz she promised her friends she'd stay. The girl found a razor and drew blood on her. She said to herslef as tears dropped down her face. Why must anything good happen to me get destroyed.


  • Nimda
    Nimda Well her friends will always catch her when she falls! The feeling of someone making you feel special can be a really good feeling! But it's not everything. Having a boy friend or girl friend isn't everything. It is nice to really have and be with someone...  more
  • LillyTheNeko
    LillyTheNeko Awww tank chu!
    May 9